Wedding Planners Updates Tuesday 8th February 2022

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On Wedding Planners Updates Tuesday 8th February 2022: Wedding Planners Updates Tuesday 8 February 2022, The Episode starts with Vishal saying your mumma 2 will be busy in her job, I m with you, have food now. Preeti comes and looks on. Vishal handles his daughter with love and asks her to have food. Preeti gets a cake. She sees Vishal feeding a cake to his daughter. She goes back. Nani collides. The cake falls down. Nani says you ruined the cake. KT says I got the latest smartphone for Kirti, she would be upset that I didn’t go to her school. Priyanka says phone for a 5 year old girl. He says she is my daughter, she deserves the best. He goes.

He sees Kirti happy. He asks is everything fine, I thought you will be angry on me. She says Kushala said you will get me the role, so I m happy. Kushala comes and complains about Vishal. Kirti says I don’t need to worry now. She goes. Preeti makes the girl rehearse the lines. She apologizes. Vishal says I will always be with you, your mumma 2 is doing the job for you only. Vishal asks his daughter to rehearse. She asks Preeti to help her. Nani says its tough to break their bond. Vishal thinks to do something big, Preeti shouldn’t trust Mohi.

KT asks Kirti to go to school with Kushala. She says no, you have to come with me. He says fine, come. He takes a disguise and says I also got a role, if I do this well, then our life will come back. Preeti asks the girl to say the lines well. KT brings Kirti for the rehearsal. Preeti greets KT. The girl gives the audition well. Kirti asks KT did he talk to the principal. Teacher asks her to come for audition. Kirti says my dad spoke about my role, I don’t need to audition. Teacher says no, one who gives audition will get the role.

KT says go for it, I trust you, you can do it well. Kirti stands sad. He asks her to say her lines. Preeti also wishes her. Teacher says its fine Kirti, try next year, this role goes to Preeti, congrats. Preeti hugs the girl. She says you will become the princess now. Kirti runs outside. KT asks her to listen, why is she behaving like this. Kirti says you cheated me. She goes to the chemical lab. Preeti asks where is Kirti. Kirti drops some chemicals. The fire catches up. Kirti shouts save me, Papa.

KT and Preeti run to save her. Preeti enters the fire and reaches Kirti. She hugs Kirti. KT freezes recalling the old incident. Kirti tries to run to KT. He shouts Preeti…. Preeti asks her to get a fire extinguisher. He runs and gets it. The fire is out off. KT hugs Kirti and asks are you fine, did you get hurt. Kirti says I m fine. He asks Preeti are you fine. Preeti nods. He asks Kirti to thank her. Preeti says what if anything happened to you. Kirti says don’t scare me, nothing happened. He scolds Kirti and says say sorry. Preeti says calm down, its okay, she is a kid. He apologizes from Kirti’s sake. He says thanks Preeti. She says I m Mohi, I work in your company.

Kirti runs out. KT goes. Preeti goes to the girl. She says we will go home. KT knocks the door. Kirti asks him to go. Kushala gets master keys. KT unlocks the door and gets in. He says you shouldn’t lock the door. Kirti says you have supported that servant. KT says talk with manners, call her aunty, not servant. Kirti says you are doing good to them, not me. He asks can I do wrong with you. She says I hate her. KT shouts she is your mum, not any servant.

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