Wedding Planners Updates Tuesday 25th January 2022

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On Wedding Planners Updates Tuesday 25th January 2022: Wedding Planners Updates Tuesday 25 January 2022, The Episode starts with KT saying I want Preeti’s pic in all the newspapers. Kushala asks KT to come home, look at himself. He asks how shall I go without getting Preeti, you go, I m here. She asks what about this girl, you have to return home for the sake of baby, you have to take this responsibility, we will know about Preeti. He says I have to stay here, Preeti needs me. She says Preeti left us, this baby needs you, look at her, if anything happens to baby, can you forgive yourself, its your responsibility. He sees the baby girl and cries. Kushala goes. Shikha is in labor. Preeti stays with her. KT is with his baby. Shikha delivers a baby girl. Shikha hugs her daughter. Preeti runs to save the baby from falling down. Shikha scolds Roshni for her carelessness. Roshni says sorry Bhabhi, I got a call and goes. Shikha thanks Preeti for saving the baby also. Vishal plays dhol and gives sweets to everyone. Shikha smiles. KT stays sad with his baby. Preeti takes care of Shikha’s baby.

KT cries. He comes home with his baby. His family comes. Kushala comes crying. Everyone is sad. KT goes to her room. He thinks of Preeti. He talks to the baby. He shows Preeti’s memories to the baby. He says that’s our wedding pic, these are Preeti’s clothes, her saree. The baby smiles seeing him. Preeti is with the baby. Vishal says she has no family, hospital records got burnt. Shikha says she saved my and my daughter’s life, we have to keep her with us. He says I know she did a big favor on us, but we will have another responsibility, I don’t do job, its just your job, think about baby, expenses will be high.

Shikha asks why not, she risked her life for us, can’t we bear little problems for her, its Lord’s wish that she met us, we will know it later, don’t worry. He smiles and says fine, as you like. She asks him to write something original for his daughter. He says of course, we will have hot pakodas now. They have the pakodas. He sees the ad. He says finally, I got a job, a marriage event company needs helpers, salary is good. Shikha cries. She says you have to become a musician, that’s your dream. He says I don’t get to fulfill my dreams. She says don’t worry about any expenses. Preeti looks on. He says I can’t fulfill dreams, I will fulfill responsibility and feel good. She says I m sure you will do your concert one day, then I don’t need to do anything. He says I wish this happens. She gets dizzy. He says you need rest, your bp isn’t stable, I will not go this job, I will stay here with you.

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