Wedding Planners Updates Thursday 27th January

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On Wedding Planners Updates Thursday 27th January: Wedding Planners Updates Thursday 27 January, The Episode starts with Preeti waking up and making a tea for herself. KT is at the radio station. KT goes live on the show as Retro rangila. He says we will wish that those who got separated meet again, their wait ends. Preeti starts cooking. She hears the radio show. She keeps the tea for Vishal and his mum. A little girl holds her dupatta and smiles. KT thinks Preeti is alive. The girl asks don’t you get bored hearing the same shayari again, did you meet this RJ. Preeti says you don’t get bored watching the same cartoon every day, when we came to Udaipur 15 days back, it was all new, don’t know why I like this city hearing this RJ. She takes the girl Preeti to get freshen up. KT comes to his daughter Kirti. She gets angry and says you didn’t come to wake me up. He dances for her. They laugh and hug.

Preeti asks the girl to pray, its an imp day today. She thinks where is Vishal. She says I will always keep your mum close, you will study in Shikha’s school to be close to her, she will always guide you. Vishal’s mum says medicines are ending, my daughter isn’t alive, what shall I do now. Preeti says you get some new complains. She gets food for the lady. The lady says you made breakfast today, what about tomorrow. Preeti says don’t worry, there can’t be any problem, I m going for a job interview. The lady says I don’t have a heart like Shikha. The girl asks her not to scold Preeti. Preeti says I can never take Shikha’s place. The lady taunts her. She says you don’t even know who you are. Preeti says she gets angry on me, but I don’t feel bad.

Kushala comes to meet Kirti. Kirti argues with her. Kushala asks KT to explain Kirti, not to talk like her. KT says I always listen to you, you had removed Preeti’s pics. She says it would be wrong to give false hope to a little girl. He says I still have belief that Preeti is alive. KT gets Kirti ready for the school. He says everything is possible for you. Kushala goes. Kirti says you have to get my best friend admitted in the school. He says of course. Preeti takes the girl for the admission. Vishal is at the cafe. He is working as a waiter. He asks his mum to make Preeti wait for him. She says Preeti already left. KT and Preeti come to the same school. Preeti waits for Vishal. She talks to the principal. She says I m not Preeti’s mum. The principal asks who are you, either parents is needed. Preeti says our relation is specal, take her interview, her dad will come. Principal agrees. KT doesn’t see Preeti. He feels her and turns to see.

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