Wedding Planners Updates Thursday 10th February 2022

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On Wedding Planners Updates Thursday 10th February 2022: Wedding Planners Updates Thursday 10 February 2022, The Episode starts with Preeti hugging the girl. She says I knew it, you will trust me. The girl says no, I don’t trust you, my mumma would have not given my role to someone else. Vishal consoles his daughter and takes her. Preeti cries. KT talks to Kushala. He says I m thinking how to get the girl’s name back instead Kirti, but Kirti will be upset. She says you are KT, you can manage anything. Priyanka says until that girl is in Preeti’s life, Preeti can’t come back in KT’s life. Neil says Preeti loves the girl a lot, how can you think of separating them.

She says you are saying like I m a villain, I want Preeti to come back to her husband and daughter, KT has tried to make a place in her heart, she gets upset with him because of that girl, Mohi is our Preeti, who always keeps other’s happiness infront of hers, she will not accept any relation because of that girl, we have seen KT longing for Preeti, don’t ou want her to come back. He says no, I know Kirti and KT’s lives are incomplete without her, but Preeti is now Mohi, I can’t let that girl lose a mum, you are saying this, you didn’t wish for a child till now. She gets upset and goes.

Priyanka shows many dresses to Kirti. Kirti says I m becoming princess, I m in lead role. KT comes and hugs Kirti. She says you got me princess’ role. He asks what. She says that girl was so upset, you gave a job to her mumma to make her do what you want, her mumma got her name removed. Preeti recalls everything and cries. She comes to KT’s house and shouts. She asks them to call KT. Kushala smiles and treats her nicely. Preeti says just call KT, I don’t want to have anything. Kushala asks will you have your fav apple juice, I mean mostly people like it. Preeti says I want KT.

Kushala says he isn’t at home. Preeti says make me talk to her. Kushala asks Priyanka to call KT. Priyanka calls KT. Preeti says its me, Mohi, how can you do this with a girl, I know you have done wrong and put the blame on me, why did you tell my daughter that I have removed her name from the play. He says I didn’t do this. She says apologize and put her name back, you are shameless, who taught her all this, tell me. She says I was wrong to think you are a good man, your same image is there in my eyes. She scolds him. She says I will leave the job.

Kushala says you have to pay a penalty of 10 lakhs if you leave the job. Preeti is shocked. Neil gives flowers and apologizes to Priyanka. She says its fine, why don’t you understand that this is my family also, I want Kirti and KT to stay happy, KT should get his love, you just have to doubt my intentions. Neil says punish me.

She says we have to bring Preeti back in our lives, you have promised me. Preeti goes to the temple and sees Keertan. KT sits. She says I m not upset with you. He asks what’s the matter, I told you to share things with me, you don’t regard me your friend, I can feel your pain. She cries. He says KT called me and told me everything that he didn’t do this, he didn’t do anything, he doesn’t lie, he does everything openly, not behind, he doesn’t need to get scared of anyone, its tough to believe this, but trust me, I have worked with KT for much time, he loves Kirti, but he didn’t snatch anyone’s happiness for her sake, don’t worry, we will find out who has brought tears in your and little Preeti’s eyes. She thinks to find out, what is Keertan hiding from me.

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