Wedding Planners Updates Sunday 6th February 2022

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On Wedding Planners Updates Sunday 6th February 2022: Wedding Planners Updates Sunday 6 February 2022, The Episode starts with Preeti telling Priyanka about the pink colour dye for the clothes. Priyanka says amazing, we want such talents, you have good experience. Preeti gets a call from school and disconnects. Priyanka says welcome to Shaadi mubarak, you got the job. Preeti thanks her. Priyanka says your salary will be 20000rs. KT signs more. Priyanka says 30000, 40000, final. Preeti says so much. Priyanka says its all yours, its your hardwork, don’t leave the job. Preeti hugs her. Priyanka gets emotional. Preeti attends a call and goes.

Little Preeti calls Vishal and asks for Preeti. He asks why are you crying, tell me, she isn’t at home. She says Kirti troubled me, ask Preeti to call me. He consoles her. Preeti talks to Vishal. He says school call was regarding Preeti’s details, I gave them the details. He ends call and says you have snatched my daughter, see how I get my daughter back, I will fill hatred in her heart for you. A man asks for KT. KT signs Shyam to make him leave. The man comes to KT. Preeti calls out Keertan and comes. Priyanka stops the man and says we will discuss this with the team.

Preeti hugs KT and says sorry, I got a job, thanks. He says congrats, you have to give us a treat. She says I will do a lot for the family. He asks what will you do for yourself. She says I m doing this for myself. He thinks you forgot everything, except your selflessness. He asks can I ask something. She says yes. He asks her about caring for Vishal’s daughter, why didn’t she marry Vishal, sorry for crossing limits. She asks what shall I answer, person’s identity is the strength, I don’t have it, how can I think of this. He says but you love that girl a lot. She says Preeti called me in her world, I had saved her mum during pregnancy, I didn’t know about my life, then Preeti was born, I was also born.

The man comes back and calls him KT. KT says I will call you later. Preeti asks KT. He says I m his PA. She says you got me a job in KT’s company. He apologizes and says he isn’t a bad man. She scolds him. She comes home. She sees the girl upset. The girl says you are a bad mummy, I called you from school, Kirti pushed me, I cried a lot, you didn’t talk to me. Preeti says Vishal said he spoke to you. The girl says I hate you and goes. Vishal says let Preeti get busy, I m with you, drink the milk. Preeti surprises the girl with the beautiful tent. The girl goes back to her. Preeti asks Vishal to talk to her. She asks why didn’t you give me Preeti’s message. KT finds Kirti upset and cheers her up. He says you will get the role, I will talk to the principal. He thinks of Preeti.

Preeti scolds Vishal. He says I didn’t wish to disturb you when you went for the interview, you did a lot for us, I thought to handle the matter myself, sorry, I was trying to become a good responsible father. Preeti says you are right, I m sorry. Vishal says go to her, she needs you. KT calls Preeti and acts like losing a job. She calls back and asks what happened. He says KT fired me from the job, when you had quit, his ego is hurt, what will I do of my old uncle, how will I arrange money. Preeti says I m coming to meet you, send your address. He says okay. She gets angry on KT.

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