Wedding Planners Updates Sunday 30th January 2022

On Wedding Planners Updates Sunday 30th January 2022: Wedding Planners Updates Sunday 30 January 2022, The Episode starts with KT saying its Preeti and my fav song, its a sign that Preeti is alive, she will come back. He goes out and sings Ranjhana hua mai tera…… He cries and dances with the family. Preeti comes home. KT and everyone dance. KT feels Preeti. Kirti applies colour to KT. Guard stops Preeti from going in. Preeti says I have to go in. Guard goes. She enters the house. He asks her to just go away. She sees the family. KT sees her and says she has come, Preeti is back. Vishal gets angry and bursts the water balloons. Little Preeti gets scared and hides from him. Vishal asks her to come to him. She says no. He says you are my daughter, I m your dad. She asks for Preeti. He asks her to have gujiya by his hand. She says no. He scolds her. She cries and says I will eat. He wipes her tears.

Preeti says I have come to meet KT, I m from Kirti’s school, I m Mohi. Guard says we will lose our job, just go. She scolds him. Colour falls on Preeti’s face. She calls him out and asks why are you egoistic. He says I can’t meet you now, just go. She throws the water balloon on him. He turns and sees her. She scolds him a lot. She says its my mistake to come here, thinking you are sensible and sorted, what wrong did I say that you did much wrong with me. Kirti asks for KT. Guard says Mohi has come to meet him. Kirti gets angry. Preeti asks KT to give an answer. Kirti throws water on Preeti. The colour gets off her face. KT and everyone look at her.

Preeti asks what’s this Kirti. Kirti asks her to just go. KT says Preeti… Preeti says yes, Preeti…. KT cries and recalls her words. She says Preeti will not be able to study in the school because of you, don’t ruin your future, I m warning you. She leaves. KT tries to follow. Kinners come in the way and dance. Kushala cries and asks where did Preeti go. KT says this time I will find her. Kushala asks him to go. KT goes to the school and says I want the maid’s address. The peon says come tomorrow, I have no keys to get the records. KT breaks the door and gets inside. Peon says I will lose my job. KT says nothing will happen to your job, I will pay money, get the door fixed. KT checks files. He asks where do you stay Preeti.

Preeti talks to her friend about scolding KT. She asks for her job. The lady says I spoke to principal and she refused. Preeti says I have one way to pay the fees, how will I get the fees.

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