Wedding Planners Updates Monday 24th January 2022

On Wedding Planners Updates Monday 24th January 2022: Wedding Planners Updates Monday 24 January 2022, The Episode starts with KT crying for Preeti. He recalls their old romantic moment. He says I m not able to find you Preeti, let me win for the last time, come to me. Preeti is with Shikha and Vishal. Shikha says her family would be so worried, we don’t even know her name, we can find about her from the hospital. Kushala asks KT to have some food, its going to be morning now. KT says don’t know where is Preeti, how can I sleep or eat if she isn’t here, get me my Preeti first. He shouts Preeti…. Kushala cries. Shikha gets the breakfast for Preeti. She makes Preeti feel the baby’s kick. Preeti doesn’t know anything. Shikha says your family would be missing you, do you remember anything.

Vishal says I will go and drop her to the hospital. Shikha says I will come, I m fine. He hugs her. Preeti looks on. Inspector says we have a list of missing people, its hard to identify the burnt bodies. KT and Juhi get shocked. KT asks Juhi to be strong. Inspector says we got this stuff on the 6th floor, check if it has your wife’s stuff. KT checks in hurry and says there can’t be anything such. Juhi gets Preeti’s id card. She cries. KT says this can’t happen. He goes out and cries. Preeti comes to the hospital and passes by KT. She sees him crying. Juhi says a woman had this ring with her, its Preeti’s ring. The people ask the nurse to help. Vishal asks nurse about Preeti’s details. Nurse asks the room number. Shikha says 603, check that. Doctor says we got this ring with the dead body.

KT says it doesn’t belong to Preeti, I don’t believe all this, she had promised me that she will win over cancer, so I went to get my baby, she is strong, she can’t break her promise, she is somewhere. Doctor says I know its not easy to accept this truth. Inspector says we are with you. KT says I will help myself. Nurse says 603 was Mohi Bansal’s room, she was a cancer patient, her family left her. She says I will give you her address, no one came to ask about her, I remember because they gave some money for the treatment. Shikha says how can anyone do this with own mum, we will keep her with us. Vishal agrees. KT goes and says I want to publish Preeti’s pic in all the newspapers. Banjar hai….plays…. He sees KT’s pic. Preeti comes to him. KT doesn’t see. She leaves. He turns. Preeti cares for Shikha.

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