Wedding Planners Updates Monday 17th January 2022

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On Wedding Planners Updates Monday 17th January 2022: Wedding Planners Updates Monday 17th January 2022, The Episode starts with KT saying happiness is coming home, our baby will come home. Preeti nods. He says everyone will be so happy, I will become the perfect dad, baby will be happy. She thinks how shall I tell him about my cancer, how can I make him cry. KT thanks her. Everyone does arrangements. Priyanka stumbles. Neil holds her. KT and Preeti come and ask them to be happy, smiling, they shall never be sad. Neil takes their selfie. Preeti recalls KT’s words. She cries. She gets ready for the baby shower. She asks how shall I tell KT, he looked so happy. He gets dizzy. She falls and lies in pain. Her phone falls in the bath tub. She gets the phone and calls Kushala, saying take me to the hospital. Kushala comes there. She gets shocked seeing Preeti. She asks Preeti what happened to her. She takes Preeti to the hospital.

Doctor says its good, you got her here, her tumour got bigger because of stress, don’t you know she has ovarian cancer. Kushala gets shocked. Juhi comes. KT says I have done this decorations according to Preeti’s choice. Juhi keeps her purse. An envelope falls. She goes to meet Preeti. Kushala cries and recalls Preeti. She holds Preeti and cries. Preeti gets conscious. Kushala hugs her and asks why didn’t you tell me, you had tolerated this pain alone, we all are with you, I won’t permit you to go against me. Preeti smiles. Kushala says you have to get fine, whatever happens, for the sake of family and baby, you have to raise the baby with good values, you have to win for KT’s sake. Preeti says I will fight and recover, Juhi told me about the risky surgery, it can end my illness. Kushala asks really. Preeti nods and says I m ready to take all the consent, but this time I need KT’s sign on the papers. Kushala says we will talk to him.

KT doesn’t see Preeti and worries. Preeti comes home. She says I m not going anywhere leaving you. KT says you know I get restless when you go away, you didn’t answer. She says I went to get a gift for you. He asks where is it. She shows Kushala. He says it means you have forgiven me. She says yes and hugs him. Everyone smiles. KT says I m sorry mom. Kushala does the rituals. Phurti smiles. KT makes Preeti sit there as well. Kushala does the rituals for Preeti also. Everyone gets happy. KT hugs Kushala. Preeti smiles. She thinks we will tell KT about cancer and convince him for the surgery.

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