Wedding Planners Updates Friday 28th January 2022

On Wedding Planners Updates Friday 28th January 2022: Wedding Planners Updates Friday 28 January 2022, The Episode starts with KT making sure Kirti has no problems. Vishal comes to school. He argues with Preeti. The girl gets scared. Preeti asks him not to fight. She asks the girl Preeti to go with her dad. Vishal insists Preeti to come along. The girl cries and goes. Preeti says there would be someone from my past to make me meet myself. KT is in the car. Her file papers fly over and stick to his car window. KT sees her poetry and gets the paper. He reads it. Vishal worries seeing the fee structure. He gets angry on Mohi. He says I have no status to get your admission done here. KT comes and sees him scolding his daughter. Vishal argues and asks him to get lost. KT says I was also the same, frustrated, then I understood that I was angry on myself, talk to your daughter well. Vishal asks him to get out. Principal looks on. KT and Vishal have a fight. KT says sorry to the girl and leaves.

Shikha’s mum asks for lunch. Preeti serves the lunch. She says don’t know what’s happening in the school. Vishal and Preeti come home. Preeti does the tilak to her and hugs. Little Preeti cries. She complains about Vishal. Preeti worries. Vishal argues with Preeti. Preeti says I wanted the girl to have a life of esteem, you can scold me, don’t tell anything to Preeti, I had promised Shikha, Preeti is more than my daughter, I will always be her mum, if you think I m a burden, you may think of anything.

Vishal says she snatched my wife, she wants to snatch my daughter. Kushala asks Kirti to come and have food. Kirti demands other dish. KT pampers Kirti. Kushala gets upset. Preeti wears a costume and dances for the girl. The girl says I didn’t get admission. Preeti says I will get your admission there, pinky promise. She hugs the girl and makes a prayer that she fulfills her promise.

Its morning, KT reads Preeti’s poetry on the radio show. She gets shocked. She checks her papers. She says my poem… KT says I want to thank the person who wrote such a beautiful poem, identity is from you, find yourself in yourself, what’s the need of the identity who someone else gives you, you are your own sky, right. Preeti says everything will be fine. She says I feel I have some old relation with you, I have heard you first, I feel like your words are to make my problems easy, thanks retro Rangila.

Principal’s son gets stomach ache. Preeti comes. Principal says we can’t help you. Preeti says calm down, you give admission to staff’s children right, I took the staff’s job in the school. Principal says sorry, I like your efforts, but we can’t ignore Vishal’s behavior. Preeti asks is he your son. She greets Shaurya. She says your mum is a rockstar, become like your mum, child makes future on own, we should help children, don’t snatch the chance from the child. Principal says fine, Preeti will study here, staff children fees is 10000rs.

KT sees Preeti’s pic and talks to her. He says mom thinks I m spoiling Kirti, I m giving her much love. Preeti joins the school staff. KT says show me how a mum saves a child from spoiling. Preeti sees Kirti crying. Kirti is hurt. Preeti says nothing will happen. She also acts to cry. She does aid to Kirti. KT says meet Kirti and tell me if I have raised her well.

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