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Written by TALIBAN

The Episode starts with Preeti coming home. She sees little Preeti crying and finds a way to console her. Preeti says colours will come. She goes to buy some colours. KT is also around. Kushala calls him and asks did you find Preeti. He says I m finding her, I will return home with Preeti today. She says I wish you get your Preeti. He thanks her. Kushala says your dad has gone to get the best surprise for you. She asks servants to make the best food. Preeti is on call. KT sees her and runs. Preeti is about to fall in the pit. KT pulls her close and holds her in arms. Colours fall over them. She gets angry and slaps him. She asks who are you, will you do anything if you are a man. She scolds him and goes. The ladies stare.

Preeti asks didn’t you see anyone raising a voice. The ladies say he had saved you, look there. Preeti sees the pit. She takes thandai for KT. She says thanks for saving me, its holi, people come close on holi, their differences also go. KT jokes. He asks her to have it too. She drinks the thandai from the bottle. She asks him to sit. She says you look decent, but you are naughty, you aren’t a hero, but you say dialogues, any other girl would have slapped you again.

She says I forgot my bag in that idiot KT’s house. He asks what. She says he has much ego about his money, he thinks he can stop anyone’s admission, I hate him a lot. He asks hatred. She says sorry, my daughter’s admission stopped because of her. He asks do you have a daughter. Little Preeti comes to call her. KT gets shocked. Preeti says this is my daughter. KT gets sad. He comes to see Preeti at her house. He sees her with Vishal’s family. He comes home. He gets Preeti’s bag fallen there. He checks Preeti’s pics. Kushala says KT should have come by now. She sees KT and asks where is Preeti. KT says she is lost, I lost my Preeti once again, I got too late in finding her, fate played a strange game with me, she was mine when she wasn’t here, when she was in front of me, she wasn’t mine, she got married. They get shocked.

KT says she has a little daughter. He goes. Kushala goes after him. Nani runs after the girl. Preeti comes and asks what happened. Nani says I wanted her to wear Shikha’s frock. The girl refuses. Preeti gets sad. She explains the girl and asks her to sometimes keep elders’ wish. She asks her to wear the frock, its beautiful. KT thinks of Preeti. He thinks I will be with you.

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