Wedding Planners Updates Saturday 22nd January 2022

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On Wedding Planners Updates Saturday 2nd January 2022: Wedding Planners Updates  Saturday 22 January 2022, The Episode starts with Phurti undergoing the labor pain. Doctor talks to KT about her condition. Preeti says I will wait for my baby. Kushala calls KT and says Preeti is still inside the OT. KT sees Preeti. She sings a lullaby. The baby is born. Preeti senses this and smiles happily. Phurti gets relieved. KT takes the baby in arms. He says baby is just like Preeti, I promised to take the baby to Preeti. Doctor says baby is weak, I have to take the baby to keep under observation. KT says when Preeti wins over the world, the baby would be like her, she can’t lose, she will become a fighter like her. He takes the baby.

Juhi says Preeti’s operation is going for long. Preeti is sinking. KT ties the mauli to Preeti’s pic. He prays and imagines her along. Doctor revives Preeti. Kushala calls KT and says Preeti is fine now, she has fought the death. She ends call and thinks I didn’t tell the truth to KT, but I hope that Preeti gets fine soon. KT says Neil, Preeti’s surgery is done, she is fine. Sneha and Priyanka get happy and hug KT. Juhi consoles Kushala. He says everything will be fine. Preeti is taken to the ward. Kushala says don’t worry, she will be fine. Doctor says we can tell you when Preeti gets conscious.

Kushala takes KT’s video call. KT encourages Preeti and says we have to live some happy moments by shedding away sorrow. He goes to the baby and makes a promise to make Preeti meet the baby soon. Days pass. Kushala asks why isn’t Preeti reacting. Doctor asks where is KT, he should be here. They call KT. Doctor says Preeti isn’t reacting, she is silent, since the operation happened, due to complications, Preeti is like she got a rebirth, she has lost her memory, she doesn’t remember any relation, she has to make a new start. KT, Kushala and Juhi get shocked. KT asks doctor how can this happen. Doctor says Preeti’s brain tissues are brain, she is a new person now, don’t pressurize her now, else she will suffer more. KT gets shocked. KT goes to the baby and talks. Preeti stays silent.

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