Wedding Planners Update Wednesday 2nd February 2022

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On Wedding Planners Update Wednesday 2nd February 2022: Wedding Planners Update Wednesday 2 February 2022, The Episode starts with Vishal and Preeti competing in the golgappa eating competition. He adds chilli powder in the water. KT sees this and worries. Preeti coughs, cries, but eats the golgappas. Preeti wins the competition. Preeti hugs her daughter. KT passes the water to Preeti. The man says a mum can do anything, Mohi got the first place. She gets the hamper. She smiles. Chawla gives the cheque to her.

Preeti gives the cheque to Vishal. She says its for your daughter’s dream, I know you don’t show, but you love Preeti a lot, you want her admission to happen in the school where Shikha used to study. Vishal takes the cheque and throws it. Preeti asks what did you do. The cheque falls in water. Preeti says it will be fine. The cheque gets spoiled. KT goes to Vishal and scolds him. Vishal asks him to mind his own business. KT says I don’t tolerate any misbehavior with women, you have done cheating, I can force you to pay a penalty. Vishal says I will send her to you if you want to protect her. KT says don’t say bad about her. Vishal asks why, is she related to you. They fight. People stop them. Preeti and her daughter come home.

Preeti sees the cheque and worries. The girl gets Vishal’s dhol and plays. Preeti asks her not to play the dhol. Vishal comes and sees this. He shouts how dare you touch it. He scolds her for breaking his family. He asks her to just get out. She says don’t make me out of the house, I have promised Shikha, I can’t live without Peeti. He throws her out. The girl cries. Vishal scolds her. Nani says I m silent to tolerate Preeti because of the kid. Vishal says I can raise my daughter alone, I don’t need others. Preeti goes and cries. KT comes to her and gives a kerchief. Preeti goes to the temple. She questions Mata rani. KT comes again and gives a kerchief.

She says you came here also. He says yes, what to do, if problems can come in your life again and again, can’t I come to the rescue. She takes the kerchief and asks him to have the darshan. He says no, I m upset with Lord. He goes after her. He says tell me if you need my help. She says you can’t help me in this, my daughter got away. He gets water for her. She sees the wound on his hand. She does the aid. She asks do you stay nearby. He says no, I lost my friend, I come here to meet him. Preeti says fate is making you meet me instead him, its strange.

He says I heard your talks, I was passing by, its not embarrassing, such things happen between husband and wife. Preeti asks what are you saying. He says your husband is hot tempered. She says he isn’t my husband. He says you have a daughter, right. She says no, she isn’t my daughter. She tells everything about Shikha. KT gets shocked.

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