Wedding Planners Update Tuesday 11th January 2022

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On Wedding Planners Update Tuesday 11th January 2022: Wedding Planners Update Tuesday 11 January 2022, The Episode starts with Phurti getting angry on Preeti. Kushala comes and gets shocked. She scolds Phurti for misbehaving with Preeti. She takes Phurti out. KT says she is a nice girl. Kushala says I can’t see Preeti massaging this girl’s feet, she doesn’t know Preeti’s value in this house, she is giving us a heir, I can’t see this. She asks Phurti to leave. Preeti asks KT to stop Phurti, they have to tell the truth to everyone. She goes to Kushala and says you can’t make Phurti out, KT and Phurti….. Phurti goes upstairs to get her bags. She is about to fall down. She stumbles. KT and Preeti run to save Phurti. A bottle falls down. Preeti runs and falls on the stairs. that Phurti is carrying their baby. Kushala says she risked her life to save Phurti and didn’t think of her baby. Sneha calls Neil and asks him to get the doctor fast, Preeti fell down.

KT takes Preeti. He asks are you fine. She lies in pain. He does the aid. He worries for her. They have a moment. Phurti comes to see her and cries. She thinks she didn’t think of her life. Neil gets Dr. Mitali. Kushala says Preeti is pregnant, please check her, I m worried for her baby. KT asks Phurti to see if doctor came. Preeti says if doctor knows I m not pregnant, then our lie will come out. KT says I don’t care, its not imp for me. Preeit thinks he is so worried for my small injury, if doctor tells him that I m suffering from cancer, then he will shatter. She says please don’t call the doctor. He says I won’t listen to you. She says I can’t spend the rest of my life like this. He asks what. She says I can’t meet Kushala’s eyes, for my sake, please. He says its wrong. He goes out and asks Kushala not to worry, they will go and have tea, doctor will check Preeti. Mitali says Preeti needs you a lot, she will get emotional support. Kushala says be with Preeti, I will wait for you. Phurti lies on the bed. Preeti hides. Doctor checks Phurti. She asks her name. KT says Preeti. He goes to Preeti and holds her hand.

Doctor checks Phurti. Kushala says I wish everything gets fine. Priyanka asks why did Preeti run to save Phurti, she didn’t care for her baby, what’s their relation. Kushala says you are right, Preeti isn’t so careless, she should be fine, baby should be fine. Mitali comes. Kushala asks how is Preeti and how is the baby. Mitali says relax, Preeti and the baby are fine, no need to worry. Kushala thanks her. They all meet Preeti. Kushala says our happiness is because of you, your sister is special for you, right, fine, she can stay here. She asks Phurti to let Preeti rest. Kushala sees Mitali coming. Mitali says I forgot my phone here. Phurti sits beside Preeti. Mitali asks Kushala to take care of her bahu. Mitali asks about the band aid. Preeti says I will be fine. Kushala and everyone leave.

KT says Preeti, we will go to doctor and get check up done. Preeti says I like when you care, no need to go to doctor, I m fine. She asks Phurti to sit. Phurti apologizes. She says trust me, I will give you a healthy baby. They smile. Phurti says I will take care of you today. Preeti says no, its KT’s day. Phurti goes. Preeti says we will watch your movie today. He plays the movie. Preeti hides her pain and smiles. He goes. She calls the doctor and says I slipped and fell down, I m having stomach ache. Doctor says you need to take care, your body is weak, come tomorrow, take medicines now. Preeti cries. She says I will get fine, I will fight for KT’s sake.

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