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The Episode starts with Mitali and Sonali meeting Sneha. They see KT. Neil and Priyanka stay away. KT and Preeti look at them and act like them. They make a plan. KT plays dhol and dances. Preeti and Phurti clap for him. KT and Preeti bring Neil and Priyanka together. Neil and Priyanka smile. Soni soni….plays… Everyone dances happily. KT gets worried and sees the ladies talking to Kushala. Kushala calls Preeti. Preeti is busy dancing. KT takes Preeti and Phurti with him. He signs them to look there. They worry seeing Dr. Mitali. Mitali and Sonali come to meet Preeti. Phurti meets them. Kushala thanks the ladies for coming. She gives the hampers to them. The guests leave. Kushala says I m very happy for KT and Preeti’s good news.

  • She praises Preeti for always being Laxmi for her, now she is going to give them a big happiness. Everyone claps. Kushala says I will make my bahu wear the ancestral kamarbandh, it will bless the baby. She asks Priyanka to get it. She says its hard to understand when a bahu becomes a daughter, I m happy that my son got a life partner like Preeti, she has always taken care of KT’s happiness, my saas gave me this respect with the jewellery, I want to give the same respect and love to my bahu today. She opens the box. She gets the fake belly and asks what’s this. The ladies laugh. Preeti thinks maybe KT’s friend sent this by mistake. Kushala says this isn’t for Preeti. The ladies joke on the ancestral thing, its unique like her taste. Kushala says no, I don’t need to give this to Preeti, her baby bump will be seen after some months, it will be for KT’s movie or play, he is an actor. Sonali comes back and says your son and bahu are doing the drama with you. They see Sonali and Mitali. Kushala says Mitali checked Preeti and said she is pregnant. Sonali says we are not mistaken, how can anyone lie to family.Wedding Planners Update Wednesday 12th January 2022

Sonali says she told me herself. Mitali says I did Phurti’s check up. Sonali says you are giving sweets for Preeti’s pregnancy. She shows KT and Preeti’s pic from the hamper. She says she isn’t pregnant, she is faking it. Everyone gets shocked. Kushala says this can’t happen, my bahu won’t do this, she won’t lie to me, she can’t cheat our family, you don’t know, Preeti tells me everything, she doesn’t need to lie to me, I trust my bahu a lot. KT and Preeti worry.

Kushala asks Preeti what are they saying, tell them the truth. Preeti says I lied to you that I m pregnant, I m not pregnant. Everyone gets shocked. Preeti says you are really going to become Dadi of KT and my child, difference is womb won’t be mine, Phurti is carrying our baby in her womb, we have made her our surrogate. Kushala sees Phurti and cries.

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