Wedding Planners Update Sunday 16th January 2022

On Wedding Planners Update Sunday 16th January 2022: Wedding Planners Update Sunday 16 January 2022, The Episode starts with KT asking Preeti to have the sweets. He acts normal. Preeti takes the sweets. She asks him to vent out his sorrow, else he will be hurt. KT sits crying. He says why did mom say that, she isn’t with me to support me. Preeti cries and consoles him. After 3 months, KT and Preeti are seen making arrangements for the baby. Kushala doesn’t talk to them. After a month, Kushala takes care of Phurti. Meri duniya….plays…. Preeti says mom loves you, she has fixed your pics in Phurti’s room, so that the baby is like you. He says yes, I m very handsome. She says I m lucky to get a handsome husband. They smile.

Preeti asks KT to have medicine for his headache. KT says I want coffee made my mum. After few months, Preeti talks to KT. KT says I m restless for the baby, I feel all my wishes got true, baby is in mum’s womb and in dad’s heart. Preeti gets dizzy. He asks what happened. She says I m fine. He gets relieved. Preeti takes care of her health and takes medicines. KT and Preeti take care of Phurti. Months pass. They feel the baby’s kick. They get happy. KT says mom should be convinced. Preeti looks on. Kushala feeds the sweets to Phurti. She says its tasty, have it.

Preeti says its her 8th month starting, we should keep her godh bharai. Kushala says we will keep the function. Phurti says forgive them. Juhi comes to meet Preeti. She says a reputed cancer specialist has come, I discussed your case, he told about the risky surgery, you need KT’s sign, they will go ahead if you get KT’s support, we will tell him everything, its 8 months now. Preeti says don’t know he will be able to tolerate it or not. Juhi convinces her. They hug. Preeti says KT, I have hidden the matter from you, that I have ovarian cancer. She rehearses to tell him the truth. She says I know you love me a lot, I want your support at this time, this operation is imp for me. She goes to KT and says I have to tell something. He says I have to show something. He takes her and shows the Godh bharai function decorations. Preeti smiles. Itti si hasi….plays…

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