Wedding Planners Update Saturday 15th January 2022

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On Wedding Planners Update Saturday 15th January 2022: Wedding Planners Update Saturday 15 January 2022, The Episode starts with Sneha saying Kushala hates the word, surrogate, and you took this step Preeti. Kushala’s friend taunts her. She says you rejected my daughter’s alliance, she would have given you a healthy grandson, it would be KT’s mistake in this. She insults KT. Preeti says enough, I won’t be quiet now, I m ashamed to call you a woman, you are making fun of me. She says I got surrogacy done, because I couldn’t see family hurt, Kushala is hurt by the society made by you, you would always taunt Kushala, truth us, I can’t become a mum, it wasn’t possible medically, else I could have risked my life for Kushala’s happiness, shall we break our dreams because of you all, my husband and family matters a lot to me, I can lie to keep them happy, I don’t regret for this.

KT says you can say anything, but listen to me, we are pregnant, its Preeti and my child, every married couple has a dream to get a baby, what’s wrong if we want the same, we didn’t do any sin, I love my wife, I will always be with her in this decision. The family members smile. KT says we lied to the family, we can’t see them upset, I don’t need to explain this to outsiders, I won’t permit you to taunt us. KT asks Sonali why did she create an issue. Sonali says sorry. The guests leave. Kushala cries and leaves. Everyone cries. Preeti and KT go to Kushala. Preeti says mom, I couldn’t become a mum, I had no way than surrogacy, I had seen a dream in your and KT’s eyes about my child, and made it my dream, forgive me. KT says we should be happy that we are getting the baby. Kushala says I m very happy, fine with it, I will forgive Preeti but not get at peace, Preeti broke my trust forever, I can’t trust Preeti now.

She scolds Preeti. She says I had made a daughter’s relation with Preeti, but she didn’t keep the respect. She goes. Priyanka says its a good thing that Preeti’s health isn’t affected, its Preeti and KT’s baby. Sneha says a woman is called a true woman when she keeps the baby in her womb for nine months. Neil says mum should be known by her upbringing, not by giving birth. Sneha says whatever, Preeti should have not hidden this truth from us, why are you supporting Preeti, do you have same intention. Priyanka says no. Neil says yes, we can think about it. Sneha says never. Neil hugs Priyanka. He says thanks to KT and Preeti, our relation got fine again, I wish everything gets fine. Phurti says I m going upstairs to get some fresh air. Kushala says you will not climb stairs from now, my heir is in your womb, I can’t take any risk, I will take care of you, any cheater’s shadow shouldn’t fall on you. KT asks Phurti to go. Kushala says stop. Phurti says you both decide whom shall I follow.

KT asks Kushala why is she behaving like that, Preeti didn’t lie to hurt anyone, but to please them. He says we asked you, you didn’t agree for surrogacy. Kushala says you lied to the family. KT says everyone would have lied in the house, its not a sin, the family needs to see the mirror. He says you lied to the people to save me when Nandini left me, you weren’t wrong and Preeta isn’t wrong today. Kushala says every son takes his wife’s side and leaves his mum. She says Preeti, you have snatched my son. She says KT, stop worrying for us, I will think I had a son who never hurt me, but he changed after his wife’s coming. She goes. They worry.

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