Wedding Planners Tuesday 18th January 2022

On Wedding Planners Tuesday 18th January 2022: Wedding Planners Tuesday 18 January 2022, The Episode starts with Neil saying I will never have any relation with Avni, its broken now. Mitali makes a leave. Neil goes to his room. He burns Avni’s pictures and everything. He thinks of Avni and sits crying. Avni lights a diya and thinks of Neil. Hamari adhuri kahani…..plays…. Avni cries and gets her finger burnt. She says I hope Neil is fine, I wish you have a happy life ahead, I made you suffer a lot Neil. She prays for Neil. Neil cries. Shweta comes and gets shocked seeing fire. She puts water and blows off the fire. She asks have you lost it, what are you burning. Neil says its my past, its the pyre of the relation and its pain, I did right to burn everything. She says Avni came back and went again, you are…

Neil sits crying. Shweta asks are you fine. He says swear on me and say, am I doing right. She says its your decision, I can just see you have stopped, you have to move on or back, we love Avni a lot, I can see you both are walking on different paths, you got Mitali now, you have a right to stay happy in your life, whatever happens, its your life. He says I didn’t let anything come in my life, its time to come out of the confined room and start life afresh. Prakash looks on and goes. He thinks of Avni’s words. He asks Shweta do you think Neil and Mitali’s marriage decision is right. She says yes. He says Neil and Avni’s relation is still alive. She says no, its not. He says that unseen bond between them is still…. He thinks of Avni’s words.

Saisha says I didn’t think I will get an invitation to attend a high profile party. She selects two dresses and goes to ask Kamini. Kamini says stop calling me mom, there is no need to be so excited, this is given to you to insult me, Shikha will introduce you as an illegitimate, you won’t attend this party. Saisha cries. Kamini asks her to forget about the party. Saisha goes. Kamini says its time for you to leave this house. Avni thanks a lawyer for working for her orphanage. He says I hope the kids get lovely parents and a good life. She thanks him. He calls Kamini and says Avni has appointed me for legal help. Kamini says I hope you have won her trust, she won’t realize what has hit her when you backstab her. Mowgli asks can I call you mumma. Avni nods. She says you can call me mumma when we are alone, else other kids may feel bad. She likes the drawing.

Mitali comes and says he should get world’s cutest kid title. Avni says you here… Mitali says I want to say something, everything is fine, Neil proposed to me, we are getting married. Avni gets shocked. She wipes her tear. Mitali asks are you fine. Avni says yes, this is great news, congrats, I m happy for both of you, I wanted Neil to move on and gets a good life partner. Mitali thanks her. Avni says I will pray for your and Neil’s happiness. Mitali goes. Avni goes to room and cries thinking of Neil. She says I have to calm down and stay strong, I wanted this, I wanted to see Neil happy, Mitali will keep him happy. Lawyer says you wanted to get three kids here, two beds are less, you need to pay school fees as well. Sunehri says funds are less. Lawyer messages Kamini. Avni sees her bangle and says we will find a solution.

Shweta makes Mitali wear the jewelry. She shows the saree. Mitali says I met Avni, I told her about Neil and my wedding, she got much happy, she wished me, she cares for others’ happiness. Neil looks on. Bebe says she has gone through a lot of pain. Shweta says you did right to inform Avni. Neil gets angry and goes. Avni cries thinking of Mitali’s words. Mowgli comes and says there is no one around us, I can call you mumma, why are you crying, did anyone scold you. She says no, sometimes we shed tears on joy. He says I don’t like you crying, shall I get chocolate for you, what shall I do to make you laugh. Avni wipes her tears and smiles. She says you are with me….. and hugs him. Avni sleeps. She wakes up and checks the door. She sees Neil and says you….

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