Wedding Planners Sunday 31st January 2022

On Wedding Planners Sunday 31st January 2022: Wedding Planners Sunday 31 January 2022, The Episode starts with Prakash saying sorry, I don’t want to express my point of view in this case. Neil’s lawyer says truth is Avni can’t get that financial stability that’s imp for Mowgli’s custody, if you see Neil and Avni’s economic status, you will know Neil can give good life to Mowgli, Neil is going to marry Mitali, she is a police officer, she can give a good direction to Mowgli’s life. Judge says court will give the verdict after lunch break. Samrat says if Avni loses case, we will lose Mowgli. The kids talk. Mowgli says I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to stay here with you all. They all hug.

Prakash comes to Avni. Prakash says you need courage to say truth to the world, the best decision would be that Mowgli stays with you. She says you are supporting me, thanks, I know how difficult it is for you. He says I love Neil a lot, I know he is much wrong this time, he will realize his mistake, I m worried that it will be too late. The judge says court agrees that Mowgli’s parents can take care of him well, court appreciates Avni, but the decision will be for Mowgli’s betterment, court decides that Mowgli’s custody will be given to Neil, Avni is allowed to meet her son once a week, the court is adjourned. Avni cries. Her lawyer apologizes. Neil cries seeing Avni. Shweta stops him and says no, if you speak to Avni, she won’t be able to manage herself.

Avni’s lawyer says I will find details and tell you. Avni is at Aisha’s grave. She thinks of Mowgli and cries. She says whatever happens, I can’t lose him, he is a part of me, my sorrows vanish on seeing him. She cries on her fate. She says I got defeated. Avni comes home. Sunehri comes to her. Avni cries seeing Mowgli’s toys. She says we have to pack Mowgli’s bag. Mitali and Neil decorate room. Neil says I didn’t realize, I didn’t ask you, whether you are ready to manage a nine year old kid. Mitali says I m happy, I will try my best that he doesn’t miss his mum, we will spread toys on bed, Mowgli will like it. Prakash comes. He says Mowgli doesn’t need toys or decorations, I hope you understand this. Mowgli asks Avni why is she sad, dad and she are fighting for him right. He says I will be with you, I love you much. She says just understand what I say, you will stay with your dad, he loves you a lot. He says I will stay with you, tell Neil not to come here. He hugs her and says I want to stay here.

She says Neil will love you, he will play with you, the court has ended the fight. He says I can’t stay with my friends. She says I will get them to meet you. She hugs him and cries. She asks would you like to have icecream with me. She goes out and cries. She says we will have entire cup today. He says I will catch cold then, I will have to stay with you, I can’t be with you. She hugs him and asks him to have some. He feeds her. Its morning, Neil comes there with his lawyer. Mowgli hides behind Avni. Avni says I have packed his belongings, only one bag is remaining. Everyone hugs Mowgli. He says I will come to meet you all. Avni hugs Mowgli. She asks him to behave well, else everyone will say his mumma didn’t teach him manners. He nods. They hug. Neil looks on.

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