Wedding Planners Sunday 23rd January 2022

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On Wedding Planners Sunday 23rd January 2022: Wedding Planners Sunday 23 January 2022, The Episode starts with Avni calling out Mowgli. She finds him under the bed and gets him out. He says Neil is bad, he wants to take me away, I won’t go. She says he isn’t bad, if you go with him, I will get your fav Rajma chawal. He says fine, come with me. She says no, I have to take care of other kids, Papa will drop you back here. She asks him to stay well there, greet everyone, okay. Mowgli nods and hugs her. Neil hugs him and takes him along. Avni cries. Neil asks will you have icecream. Mowgli refuses and addresses him as uncle. Neil says I m your dad, not Neil uncle. He stops the car and gets some balloons for hom. Mowgli leaves the balloon threads and sits upset. Neil says it means you don’t like balloons, we will get a toy car for you. Avni cries. Sunehri asks her to have food, staying hungry won’t have any solution. Avni says don’t know how will Mowgli react there. Sunehri says he likes everyone there, have food please. Avni says no, situation changed now.

Prakash, Bebe and Shweta get excited. Neil gets Mowgli home. They hug Mowgli and welcome him. Mowgli greets them well and takes blessings. Neil says they are your…. Mowgli says I know, they are my Badi Dadi, Dada and Dadi. Neil asks him to see the toys. Bebe says I made many things. She feeds aloo paratha to Mowgli. Mowgli doesn’t eat and sits sad. He says I will have muesli, my mum likes it a lot. Bebe feeds him. Neil gets angry. Prakash says come on, we will race. Shweta asks shall we play bat ball. Neil shows tiger toy. Mowgli says I want to play with my mumma and friends.

Bebe and Prakash ask Neil to drop Mowgli at Avni’s house. Neil says we shouldn’t give up, we should try again. Shweta says he is right, we will do something to entertain him. Bebe says fine, we shall try. Avni cries and gets sad. Sunehri comes and says a couple has come to adopt Daisy, come and meet them. Avni says its so early, this never happened before. Sunehri says our fate is changing, come. Neil shows the toys room to Mowgli. He says this was my room in childhood, sit here, do you want such super room. He talks to Mowgli.

Avni asks about the man’s profession. Lawyer answers on their behalf. Kumar says you want us to be educated, but my wife is just 10th pass, she wants us to adopt a girl, so that we can educate her. Avni asks are you sure you want to adopt Daisy, I mean you should know her well. The lady says Daisy is really lovely. Avni says I will think and tell you, till then spend time with Daisy. Shweta asks Mowgli to have icecream. Mitali comes and asks Mowgli to have chocolate icecream. She insists. Mowgli throws the icecream on her. They get shocked. Neil shouts Mowgli, what did you do, do you behave such with elders. Mitali says its fine, he is a kid. Mowgli hides behind sofa and gets scared. Prakash hugs Mowgli. Neil says really sorry. Mowgli says I want to go home to my mumma. Neil says this is also your house. Neil comes to Mitali and says I hope you aren’t annoyed with Mowgli. Mitali says he will need time to adjust, its not easy for them.

Neil gets Mowgli back home. Mowgli says when you don’t love me, why do you want to take me away from mumma. He runs to Avni and hugs. Neil looks on. Shweta says I want to see Neil happy, if you don’t support him, how is this possible. Bebe says its not easy for us, explain Neil. Prakash says Mowgli was upset here, he stayed with mum till now, how will he change his life. Bebe says relations are getting complicated, what does Lord want from us. Prakash says breaking relations aren’t easy. Avni says I m scared, what happened there, why is Mowgli reacting like this. Sunehri says talk to him. Neil comes sand says we should talk. Sunehri goes. Neil says Mowgli used to call me superman, what did you tell him, you are teaching him that I m making him away from his mum.

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