Wedding Planners Monday 25th January 2022

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On Wedding Planners Monday 25th January 2022: Wedding Planners Monday 25 January 2022, The Episode starts with man calling Kamini and saying Mowgli is playing with everyone in garden. She asks him to do as she said. Mowgli goes to get ball. The man stops him and says I m not a stranger, I know all the kids. Mowgli says then come with me. The man gives chocolates to him. Mowgli thanks him. Avni says I spoke to lawyer, we have to make argument stronger. Sunehri says Mowgli will be with you. Avni says I fall weak in front of Neil and his pain. Sunehri says his love is hidden behind his pain, I know you too love him. Avni says there will be love, but we can’t unite, Mowgli is my world, where is he.

She calls him out. The man catches Mowgli. Mowgli kicks a ball. Avni sees him. She asks the man to stop. The man drops Mowgli and runs. Mowgli gets scared. Avni says don’t worry, mumma is with you. Samrat asks mumma? Avni says we can’t stay here, come. The man says I did a mistake, Avni came when I was running away with Mowgli. Kamini scolds him. She says Avni will get distracted, I have to ensure that Avni stays out of adoption matters. Mowgli asks why was that batman catching me. Avni says you bravely fought with him, you are strong, you will become superhero. Sunehri gets cake for him. She feeds him. Avni thinks of the kidnapper. She says who can do this, everyone knows Mowgli is an orphan. Sunehri says did Neil do this.

Avni says no, he knows to fight for truth, he never backstabs on enemies, if he was there today, he would have not left that kidnapper. Sunehri smiles. Avni says these feelings have made us fight, he loves Mowgli a lot, don’t doubt on him, he is very trustworthy, there is someone who wants to kidnap Mowgli, we have to find who is he. They see the news of child trafficking rackets. Sunehri says was this man from this racket, they sell kids. Avni says we have to be careful, don’t let kids go out. Tara comes and says all kids are asking why Mowgli called you mumma. Avni says I will talk to them, sorry to hide this from you and Sitara.

Tara says its fine, we understand. Avni comes to the kids. Samrat asks is Mowgli fine. She says yes, I m Mowgli’s mumma. Samrat asks why didn’t you tell us. She says I didn’t wish to give special treatment to him. She hugs them and says I will love you all more. The kids go to sleep. Saisha calls her and asks where are you. Avni says sorry, tell me what is it. She thinks of Saisha’s words and says I will meet you in morning to talk something imp. Its morning, Avni meets Saisha. Saisha asks about Mowgli. Avni says everything is fine, I want to ask about Kamini.

Kamini comes. Avni says someone tried to kidnap Mowgli. Kamini says you had earned enmity all life, stay in limit, mind own business, its better to be safe than sorry. Avni says I will find out my new enemy. She tells Saisha that she is always with her. She goes. Kamini calls someone and says Avni may appear strong, she is scared about Mowgli, complete the work, Avni won’t know when her life got completely ruined. Lawyer comes to Neil and gives an envelope. He says this decision is done, I will wait for you outside. He goes. Neil checks the paper and sits down. He cries. Mowgli asks how do I look. Avni says you look like a hero. Sunehri comes and says Neil has come to meet you. Mowgli says I won’t come out. Avni says fine, relax. She goes to Neil.

Neil says its court orders, our divorce got final. They think of each other. She cries. He asks can I meet Mowgli. She says Mowgli is here. Sunehri comes and says Mowgli isn’t here. He says I know he is inside. They go in and see Mowgli hiding under the bed. Avni asks Mowgli not to get scared of his dad. Neil asks can I talk to Mowgli in private. Avni and Sunehri go. Neil asks him to come out. He says we were friends before, come out, you don’t need to be scared, I m your Papa, I love you a lot, I will never make you away from mumma, I want to spend time with you. Mowgli asks why can’t I, you and mumma stay together like other families live.

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