Wedding Planners Monday 17th January 2022

On Wedding Planners Monday 17th January 2022: Wedding Planners Monday 17 January 2022 , The Episode starts with Shweta asking Bebe not to worry, everything will get fine. Bebe says I don’t think so. Avni and Sunehri show Mowgli’s pic to people and ask them. Sunehri says I think he went to Neil’s house, just call them once and ask. Avni calls Shweta and asks about Mowgli. Shweta says he isn’t here. Avni says he went somewhere, I will find him. Shweta tells this to Neil and Prakash. Neil says I will find him. Prakash says I will come along. Neil says don’t worry, I will manage. He goes. Prakash sits worried. Shweta asks are you fine. He says I wish our Mowgli is fine. She says don’t worry. He thinks how to tell Shweta that Mowgli is our grandson. Neil comes to Avni. She says its all my mistake. He asks what did you tell him, tell be clearly. Sunehri looks on and cries. He says we have to find him, tell me.

Avni says I scolded Mowgli, he was not able to adjust the changes, I should have not got him from your house. He says take a deep breath, relax. Shweta says Neil and Avni will find him. She asks Prakash not to worry. Neil asks where can he go, I promise I will find him. Sunehri goes to find him. Neil asks where can he go, I knew you will be at Aisha’s resting place, think where can Mowgli go, any place he likes. Avni says he always stayed in Kashid. He says it means he can go Kashid, we should go to bus stop. Mowgli recalls Avni’s words and shuts ears. An old man asks why are you here alone, did you lose way, come with me. Mowgli runs. The old man asks him to listen. Mitali comes home. Shweta says Avni called, Neil went to help her and find Mowgli, I hope you understand. Mitali says of course, did you inform police, don’t worry. Bebe says yes. Mitali says I will inform my team.

Neil says I have sent his pic, we will get him. Avni sees someone and runs calling him Mowgli. She falls down. Neil says he is not Mowgli, sit here, he will be fine, our love is with him, I promise we will find him, think of his fav place, where he can go. She says your house. He says he isn’t there, think again. She says we were passing by market once, he wanted to visit a temple there. They reach the temple.

Avni says he isn’t here and cries. She wishes he comes back. Neil looks around. She sees Mowgli crying. She calls him out. A car passes by. Neil pulls her away. They see Mowgli gone and look around. Avni says I saw him here, how can he disappear. Neil says please calm down. She prays.
Neil and Avni see him sitting near a tree. They hug Mowgli. Avni asks are you fine……

Neil gets Mowgli home and asks why are you upset, let me guess, you are annoyed with jaan didi right, you look tired, go and rest in room. Sunehri takes Mowgli. Avni thanks Neil and says Mowgli is our life. He says I don’t want your thanks, I did my duty towards humanity, I have a connection with him, I love him too. Sunehri feeds Mowgli. Avni comes and asks why did you go without informing me. Mowgli moves her away and says you lied to me, you are my mumma, I heard you and Sunehri talking. She holds ears and says sorry Mowgli. He asks why did you lie, its wrong. She says because all kids don’t have parents, they would feel bad, you love them right. He says yes, so you didn’t tell me, but who is my dad, where is he. She says he stays far, we can’t meet him. He asks why.

She says he is like a superhero, he has to help people, if we go to him, people will know and they will get harm, their secret will come out. Mowgli says I want to meet him just once. She says he is in your heart always, mumma is with me, I promise I will always be with you. He hugs her and says I told you I will marry you, now I can’t marry you, as you are my mumma. She pulls his nose and asks him to sleep now. He sleeps. She thinks if I tell your dad about you, you will go away from me, I can’t lose you. Bebe asks Prakash not to worry. Prakash says I m worried for Mowgli, Avni should have been careful. Neil comes and says Mowgli is fine, he was missing home, he was in temple. Prakash says Avni should have taken care of him.

Mitali says thank God you got Mowgli, I shall leave now. Shweta says Neil said you will have lunch with us. Neil says sorry I forgot, I had to talk about marriage. Shweta says we will discuss it now. They sit. Shweta asks Prakash why is he worried now, they got Mowgli. Neil says I want marriage and engagement to happen soon. Shweta says we will decide a date for engagement. Prakash asks are you both sure. Neil says yes, we are sure. Mitali says I have a request, I want the marriage function to be a private affair. Neil says of course. Shweta says we will keep engagement and then call pandit to get marriage date. Neil says we will decide our rings tomorrow. Neil asks are you sure I shouldn’t drop you home. Mitali says yes, I will go, did you talk to Avni about our marriage. Neil says Avni isn’t related to this, she is not imp in my life, we can take decisions ourselves. She says you had a relation with her. He says its not there now and it won’t be there ever.

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