Twist Of Fate Thursday 20th January 2022

On Twist Of Fate Thursday 20th January 2022: Twist Of Fate Thursday 20 January 2022, Tanu is getting ready for the wedding, she wonders why did Aaliya not come to pick her up when she said to come and says that she would go by herself, she drinks the water when Ranbir enters the room saying that she should stay as Aaliya is coming and apologizes for not informing her that she is looking georgious, she looking at the mirror says that she could have been better but feels fine, he secretly spikes her drink, he once again apologizes saying that she did not finish her water so hands her the glass, she then drinks the water and he leaves after thanking her, Tanu feels tensed because she should have thanked Ranbir but he left.

Aaliya shouts at gayteri ordering her to lift the Veil, she however declines mentioning that she informed them she would not lift her veil under any circumstance, Aaliya orders her to leave the house, Gaytari gets worried, she pleads with Aaliya to not fire her however she doesnot listen after which Gaytari is forced to plead for her family but it doesnot have any effect on Aaliya, Gaytari informs that she is angry but should think about Abhi, as no one beside her can control him, Aaliya explains that she is only listening to her for the last time and walks up the stairs in anger.

Ranbir comes downstairs, Pragya lifts her veil asking if he thinks their plan would work, she asks what he did, he explains that he mixed some sleeping pills in her water so she would fall asleep and they cannot be married while she is sleeping, Preeta gets worried asking if he thinks their plan would work however he mentions that he has a lot of experience then mentions they should walk away otherwise they might get suspicious.

Aaliya enters the room calling Tanu, she sees that Tanu is lying on the sofa not being able to speak properly, Tanu explains that she was waiting for her, Aaliya feels that she is drunk but Tanu tries to explain that she did not drink anything, Aaliya in anger calls her useless ordering her to shut up, she mentions she thought that some of her tensions would end after they are married and she would get Abhi to sign the power of attorney but she is drunk, Tanu once again says that she is not drunk, Aaliya forces her to stand up as she needs to be alright, she explains that this is why she called the lawyer as he can be a witness to the wedding.
Aaliya brings Tanu downstairs, Pragya gets worried so asks Ranbir what is happening because he said she would not be able to come, Ranbir explains he is not able to understand as his mother usually gets affected by one pill, Pragya mentions that she doesnot know Tanu because nothing affects her so easily.

The lawyer gets worried asking Aaliya if Tanu is under the influence however Aaliya says that there is nothing to worry about, she comes to the lawyer then explains that it is because of the pressure, the lawyer asks if she would even remember that she got married, Aaliya explains that she was sitting in the Mandap before the lights went off.

Tanu sits with Abhi in the Mandap and they are about to start the wedding when Ranbir realizes that he cut the fuse so decides to place it otherwise they would get caught, he fixes the fuse however nothing happens then he realizes they had also cut the wires, he accidently places the wire in the wrong circuit and it causes a lot of sparks and the fire erupts, it soon engulfs the entire house, everyone starts panicking, Tanu is forced to sit on the chair as she is not even able to stand up.

Abhi starts panicking standing in the Mandap and is not even able to move, Pragya tries to calm him, Rhea also tries to help her father however Gaytari sends her away but she doesnot move, Aaliya pulls her away not listening to her desire of helping Abhi, Aaliya explains she should not worry about him because Gaytari can take care of him, Ranbir also comes and asks Abhi to run but he is adamant to not move until the fire ends, Ranbir along with his father and the servants of the house try their best to end the fire, they finally succeed.

Aaliya is standing saying how would she be able to get the power of attorney, she turns to find the lawyer standing behind her with angry face, she gets tensed, he exclaims that he has understood what she was trying to do, Aaliya sends everyone to their room, he then destroys the documents for the power of attorney, before leaving, Aaliya runs after him requesting that he listen to her words but the lawyer doesnot stop.

Tanu is sitting when gayatri comes, she mentions that she cannot understand what is the problem of Abhi because he said that he would not marry her today and would get married the next day, that too with Gayatri, she asks what does she have that she doesnot have, Tanu stands up however is about to fall when Pragya catches her but in the meanwhile Tanu recognizes her, she mentions that Pragya would not be able to do anything now then Pragya places her on the floor.

Ranbir comes down explaining to Gayatri that Abhi has locked himself in the room but is sleeping, they see that Aaliya is coming so she immediately hides her face.

Aaliya stands with Gayatri thanking her for helping Abhi because if she had not been with Abhi then he would have gotten hurt which she cannot bear, Gayatri exclaims that she cannot wake Tanu, Aaliya asks her to not worry as they would take care of her, she calls Mitali Bhabhi, Pragya while walking sees that Aaliya is trying to get the power of attorney.

In the morning Tanu is really dizzy when Aaliya enters the room saying that she has finally waken up and doesnot have any problem because she only cares for money which she has gotten while she thought that tanu really loves her brother, Tanu meanwhile tries to explain but Aaliya doesnot listen blaming that whenever she involves tanu in her plan it always fails, Aaliya explains that Gayatri is better than her because she saved her brother, Tanu reveals that she is actually Pragya which angers her.

Aaliya and Tanu ask about Gayatri, the worker says that she is with Abhi, they both enter the room to find Mitali Bhabhi, Aaliya asks about Gayatri, she answers that Gayatri took Abhi to the ice cream park, Aaliya leave sin anger after shouting Pragya’s name, Mitali Bhabhi asks Tanu what she meant, Tanu asks if she did not understand revealing that Gayatri is actually Pragya, which causes her to fall, she realizes that she actually saw Pragya.

Pragya is with Abhi who is eating an ice cream while holding one in his other hand, she after making him sit asks what is he doing, he explains that he is having a race with sun to see if he can eat the ice cream faster then it melts, he asks if she would like to have one and then offers to buy her a new one however she says that she would like to eat his ice cream, he at first declines but then gives her the ice cream, she asks why is he not eating the other one, he explains that it is for the challenge, she therefore hands him back his ice cream, Pragya recognizes that the biker who stopped is the same one who was trying to murder him before.

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