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Twist Of Fate Thursday 14th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Twist Of Fate Thursday 14th April 2022: Twist Of Fate Thursday 14 April 2022, The Episode starts with prosecution lawyer asking Abhi if he has proofs that he didn’t give any orders to Subhash to break the wall. Abhi says why will I do this, and risk many people lives. Prosecution lawyer says this is right, that no person can harm himself, but wants big profit, like Abhi. He says he intentionally asked contractor to break the wall, so that it collapse and his wife can claim a big amount from insurance. Abhi says this is not true. Defence lawyer says my client’s wife never wanted to do this, and his wife will come. Judge says court will not wait for his wife as the accused is her husband and not her. He asks defence lawyer, if he wants to say something. Abhi says I want to say, and tells that Gaurav has direct involvement in the case. Prosecution lawyer says you are accused, and you are trying to divert the court. Judge says he gave wrong order for his greed which made 6 people lose their lives. He says this court wants to give an example to such people, who do such things in greed. Aaliya asks Gaurav to give proofs? Gaurav says he don’t want to give, and says Pragya is not here. He says your brother is being punished for being Pragya’s husband. He says very soon Judge will give his verdict, that if he will get hang punishment or life imprisonment. He says whatever happens, it will be in the news tomorrow. He says I will leave. Judge says Abhishek Mehra is guilty and this court. Pragya comes there and says my husband is innocent. She says I got late as I was gathering these proofs. Judge asks Pragya to come to the witness box. Prosecution lawyer warns her not to divert the court and not to waste time. Pragya says guilty will be punished. She says she is his wife. Aaliya thinks of Gaurav’s words and tells Tanu that he can’t betray us, I will bring him to court. She goes.

Pragya says she wants to call Santosh Jain, cousin of Subhash jain. Prosecution lawyer says there was no permission for him to come here. Judge gives him permission. Pragya says Mr. Santosh was there when Abhi went to talk to Subhash. Santosh comes to the witness box. Defence lawyer asks if Abhishek Mehra asked Subhash to break the wall. Subhash says no. He says he gave orders not to break the wall and says when he went, Gaurav Thapar came there and talked to my brother to break the wall. Prosecution lawyer says it is a good story, but baseless. He says I told you not to waste time, and you can get punished too. Pragya says she got late to collect the proofs. She says there was no building contract between Gaurav and Subhash. She says then also Subhash’s bank account gets credited with 10 lakhs rs by Gaurav Thapar. She says after my husband, Gaurav Thapar met Subhash. She gives the CCTV footage and bank statement of Subhash. Santosh tells that he didn’t believe Subhash when he told him in drunkard condition. He says he couldn’t believe when Pragya told him about Subhash took money from Gaurav to frame Abhi. The judge sees the CCTV footage and declares Abhi innocent and asks the Police to arrest Gaurav and Subhash. Subhash tries to run and gets caught. The judge frees Abhi of all charges. Abhi and Pragya have a hug.

Aaliya comes home. Tanu asks her to calm down. Aaliya asks how? Tanu says you will not get anything. Aaliya blames herself for whatever happened with Abhi. Tanu says we will talk to Gaurav. Aaliya says he refused to talk to us and went without giving the proofs. She says Pragya came to court, but what she will do. Tanu says she had said that she needs time to get proofs. Aaliya says she must have wasted the time and tells that Gaurav has cheated us. Tanu says call him, I will scold him too. Aaliya says I called his father, and even he didn’t know where is Gaurav. She shouts. Tanu asks her to stop talking for sometime. Aaliya throws the things and gets angry.

Pragya says sorry for coming late. Defence lawyer says I was scared. Abhi says then you would acted to get heart attack and get sometime from judge. Defence lawyer says it happens in films, I was about to ask for time. He says your entry is filmy. Pragya thanks Santosh. Santosh says our family would have been ruined due to my brother’s doings. Inspector asks Abhi to come with them for the paper work. Pragya asks Abhi to come home fast after finishing the paper work. Abhi goes with Inspector. Allah wariyan plays….

Ranbir is in the kitchen and thinks to make kada for Prachi, so that she gets fine soon. He thinks what to add in kada, and adds water. He checks on the internet. Pallavi comes there and asks what are you doing in the kitchen. Ranbir says actually, and says no. She asks what do he wants? Ranbir says I want to make kada for Prachi and says you might not know. Pallavi tells the ingredients used in kadai. He asks do you know? She says yes. He says you look sweet while making kada. She says she is just helping her son and asks him not to take another way. She says my motherly love is just for you, and you can’t force me to shower my love on her. She says I never wanted you to marry her, and I still feel the same for her. She puts the ingredients and asks him to boil it and give to Prachi, when it is boiled.

Rhea comes there and says Moms are always right. Ranbir says I don’t want to talk. Rhea says I didn’t say anything, but there is much to say. She says you have seen what happened in the room, and asks what do you think, if you close your eyes, truth will be hidden. She says whatever is inside today, will come out and you will be blamed for your family’s embarrassment, as you closed your eyes after seeing everything. Ranbir asks her not to cross the limits. Rhea says you don’t know what is called crossing the limits. Ranbir says if you talk such things with me again, then I will tell Sid and Prachi what is going in your mind and you are trying to put in my mind too. He says they are just friends. Prachi thanks Sid and says she will go and see baklu. She says she calls him baklu. Prachi says she is so lucky to have Ranbir as her husband, he is so romantic. Sid says Ranbir is lucky and asks if she is fine. He says they have meeting at 2 pm. Prachi says Ranbir is good than you and asks him to go. Rhea tells Ranbir that they are childhood friends and asks if he don’t trust her. Ranbir says we came a long way and says whatever you are saying, my home will be ruined. Rhea comes to him and says you don’t know what I am doing. She says my life’s regret is that my childhood friend never believed me. She says you knew that I love you so much, but you never trusted me. She says I can do anything for my true love. Ranbir looks on.

Gaurav opens the champagne bottle and adds it in the glass. He rejoices. His dad calls him. Gaurav says he is in the hotel and has a meeting with some clients, with whom he wants to send Pragya’s property. Mahesh asks him to let him speak and says you are thinking big.

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