Twist Of Fate Sunday 27th March 2022

On Twist Of Fate Sunday 27th March 2022: Twist Of Fate Sunday 27 March 2022, The Episode starts with Tanu, Aaliya, Mitali, Tai ji and Dadi coming to Pragya’s house with their stuff. Tai ji asks Mitali to open the door. Miali says servants will open the door. Pragya calls Shagun and asks her to open the door, as guests must have come. Shagun says ok. Dadi says she will go and hug Abhi first. Aaliya says don’t forget that he is hurt. Tanu asks them not to forget that she brought them here. She says Pragya asked us to come at 9 am and starts the countdown. Shagun opens the door and says welcome Maam, Pragya Madam was waiting for you. Tanu steps inside and thinks you didn’t know that you was waiting for your destruction which stepped in your house. Pragya says you didn’t know that you have stepped your feet in my game, my game and my rules. First rule, only I will win and second rule, you will lose only. Aaliya thinks Pragya might have made rules for them, but she is habitual to break the rules to win. She thinks it is her dream to snatch her house from her. Pragya thinks Aaliya can dream, but she can’t break her rules. She thinks she will win eventually.

Dadi enters the house next. Pragya touches her feet and takes her blessings. Dadi blesses her. Pragya says welcome in your house. Dadi says my house. Pragya says your bahu’s house is yours. Dadi says yes and says she can bless her now and nobody can stop her. Mitali and Tai ji come there and ask Pragya how is she? Pragya says she is fine. Mitali says she is happy. Pragya asks them to sit. Mitali says we came to rest. Dadi asks Pragya to take her to Abhi and asks Shagun to show rooms to everyone. Shagun asks Mitali and others to come. Mitali asks her to bring tea for her and also breakfast. Dadi comes to Abhi’s room and gets emotional. She says Tanu told that Abhi fell down from stairs. Pragya says Tanu told you that I attempted to kill you. Dadi says I don’t want to believe her. She says you didn’t meet me when you come to our house for the first time. Pragya says I was angry then? She says she thought and was about to say. Dadi says she felt bad when she bought him from Tanu, but later understood that she did this to keep him with her. Pragya asks if Prachi told her.

Dadi says I didn’t make my hair white in sun. Abhi gains consciousness. Dadi says I know that you was drunk and fell down. Abhi asks Pragya if she complained. Pragya says Dadi didn’t white her hair in sunlight. Abhi tells Dadi that Pragya is changed and not same Pragya. Pragya asks her to ask him from where he got the wine. Dadi says I get happy seeing you both fighting. Dadi says I will keep my clothes in the cupboard. Abhi asks Pragya. Pragya says she called everyone to stay here. Abhi says you dislikes Tanu and Aaliya. Dadi says if she had not done this, then they wouldn’t have let you stay here. Abhi tells Pragya that Dadi thinks you loves me, but we both know the truth that you called me here for Gaurav’s case. Dadi comes to the inhouse temple and prays to God to keep them united always. She says my sister used to pray that they stay united and asks him to give them all the happiness of life and protect them from all the bad reflections. Aaliya and Tanu are shown. Mitali tells Tai ji that the house is so good. Tai ji says she didn’t see yet. Mitali asks her to come.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she can’t be dependent on Mitali and asks if she can trust her. Aaliya says ofcourse and says our perception can be different, but we always get together. Tanu asks her to hear her plan and says they have to execute it today itself. She says Pragya showed us the way to this house and we will show her the exit door. Sushma hears them and thinks I know well why you have come here, to get her money, house and wealth. She says you can’t harm my Pragya and thinks she knows how to get the evil sight off from her. Dadi prays to God to give her happiness to Pragya and protect her. She says I am telling you this, when I shall tell this. Sushma says when Abhi shall say. Dadi apologizes for entering puja ghar without asking her. Sushma says I am happy that someone cares for Pragya. Dadi says I have relation with her, but you don’t have, but still you held her hand like a mother and gave her new life. Sushma says God is the one who can give life, I just showed her the way to live. Dadi folds her hands. Sushma says I shall be thankful to you and asks her to bless her. Dadi says my blessings are always with Pragya. She says still they are upset with each other. Sushma says whoever is in Pragya’s life is lucky. Pragya comes there and asks if they are complaining about her. Sushma says no. Pragya says she is happy that her loved ones are under the same roof as her. Dadi says you mean, Sushma ji, Abhi and Me? Pragya looks on.

Rhea wakes up and thinks she had a peaceful sleep. She thinks Ranbir talked to her nicely and held her hand also. She thinks he will feel guilty and will start caring for me. She thinks very soon he will be hers. She looks out and thinks it is beautiful. She thinks Ranbir must be thinking about me.

She thinks she was broken when she heard I hate you from you. She says now I will hear I love you from you and knows how to get you, I have to act like Prachi. She says if I cry on your shoulder then you will be mine. She thinks nobody can separate me from you, you might be looking at the rain and thinking about me, says I love you Ranbir. Ranbir thinks about Sid and Rhea’s words.

Prachi comes to Ranbir. Ranbir says you have to bear me for seven births. She says seven births. He says yes. She asks what was he thinking? He says nothing important. Prachi says you are thinking about Sid and Rhea, tells that he slept in study room last night. She says if cockroach went in their room. Ranbir says Sid might have run afraid and Rhea slept there. Prachi says this is the difference between Rhea and me, she is not afraid of cockroaches. Ranbir asks her to imagine what happened when hero and heroine are left alone. He says they are lucky as they married as they love. He says it doesn’t happen with some people. Prachi asks Ranbir not to worry as Sid loves Rhea so much and asks him to go and ask Sid, if he don’t believe her. Ranbir says he will feel bad. Prachi says he is your brother, go and ask. She asks him to have tea. He says coffee and asks her to look at the weather, says it is so good.

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