Twist Of Fate Sunday 24th April 2022

On Twist Of Fate Sunday 24th April 2022: Twist Of Fate Sunday 24th April 2022, The Episode starts with Prachi cries and wiping her tears. She sees Ranbir standing on the door. She takes her stuff and is about to go. Ranbir asks her to close the door while leaving. Siddharth asks the hotel staff to show the face. The maneger asks her to show the face. Just then electricity went off. Sid sees Aaliya on the computer screen, but couldn’t see her face. He thinks she might run if I turn. The manager says I saw her. Aaliya runs from there and hides. Sid comes out and tells the manager that the hotel staff is helping her, and says when that lady went inside, the door was open and when we went inside, it was closed, and then smoke, asks how is it possible. The manager says we have smoke detectors and we will know. Sid says someone might have switched off the detectors. Aaliya goes from there. Manager meets Aaliya and says I haven’t shown your face to him. Aaliya asks him to delete the footage. Manager says our scores are settled now. Aaliya thinks now Rhea will get Ranbir and Prachi will be out. Prachi asks Ranbir to look at her once, and says you haven’t doubted on my character, but on my love. She says what I can answer and says love is sacred and pure, tells that she can’t live without him, all the relation is with him, and you know it. She says you have left me alone midway and didn’t think where will I go? She says I want to ask you, if your love was truth. He says you knows well. Prachi says I thought if that was a dream, or if this is dream. Ranbir says I got betrayal from you and you have ruined everything. He says you are not Prachi, whom I loved. Prachi says we both are same, and asks what did I do, that you thought my love as beautiful betrayal.

Ranbir thinks of their moments. Prachi says it is the test of our time, and hugs him. She says I was with you in your testing times and asks can’t you stand by me. She says I have no respect without you, and asks how people will look at me, and asks me to stop me and call me chikchiki and says I will stay back. She asks him to stop him once. He hugs her. It is Ranbir’s imagination and it breaks hearing the door closing. He comes out of the room and sees her going.

Sid comes home and sees his Shraadh happening with garland on his photo. He asks what are you doing? Vikram asks Sid to leave. Rhea smiles. Pallavi picks the pot and pours water on her head. Rhea evilly smiles. Pallavi then breaks the pot. Sid asks what are you doing. Pallavi says your shradhanjali is going on, and we are getting rid of you. Sid says I didn’t play with this house respect. Vikram scolds him and says you didn’t keep our respect and says the girl whom you married, have betrayed her. Sid says no, I didn’t betray her. Vikram slaps Sid for having illegitimate relation with Prachi. Pallavi says Prachi was the enemy of the house and you have become the same, I can’t bear you even for a second. Sid says how can I betray this house, which gave me so much. Pallavi says you are dead, I have done your tilanjali and will not done shradh every year. Sid asks her to hear. Vikram asks him not to force him. Sid says how can I do this, you called me Lakshman. Pallavi says when you came here, I thought my Ranbir came, but when Ranbir came, you was not the same Sid. She calls him wolf and says you are dead for me, you have ruined my Ranbir’s home, and now has no place for you. Dida comes there. Vikram asks her to donate Sid’s clothes to poor. Sid tries to clarify. Pallavi asks him to respect their old relation and leave. Sid starts walking out. Pallavi says nobody shall take Sid’s name in this house.

Ranbir looks at Prachi. Bheege mann plays.. Rhea is standing far. Ranbir goes inside and closes the door. He sits on the door and cries. Prachi cries. She starts walking. Prachi calls Rhea. Rhea says don’t utter a word, leave from here. She says we have no relation left now and says you have snatched my husband from me, my house. She says I will not come to see your face even if you are dead. She acts to cry and asks her to leave. Prachi is leaving and thinks of her marriage with Ranbir. Sad song plays…..Rhea comes to the room and sees Ranbir crying badly. She again acts.

Prachi is leaving and looks at everyone standing. Rhea sits with him and says I can understand your pain, we both are going through the same pain. She says you didn’t see and says Sid left and now Prachi is leaving. Ranbir gets up to try to stop Prachi. Rhea says they will go far and stay together, without any restrictions. She says they wanted to do this, to ruin our house and set their own house. Ranbir gets angry. Rhea smiles.

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