Twist Of Fate Monday 11th April 2022

On Twist Of Fate Monday 11th April 2022: Twist Of Fate Monday 11th April 2022, The Episode starts with Pragya telling Sushma that she told Abhi and he asked her not to give a single penny to Gaurav. Sushma says Abhi said right, we can’t trust a snake. Gaurav’s father asks if Pragya gives you everything, whatever you have demanded. Gaurav says she will do her life’s biggest mistake. Sushma tells Pragya that Gaurav can do anything, tells that she will do her packing, until she returns, don’t take any decision. Gaurav calls Pragya and says I will give you time till 12 am, as I will be going in the morning. Pragya asks him to get the papers ready and says she is coming to sign. Gaurav says papers are ready, just bring the pen. Pragya ends the call. Gaurav tells his dad that he will win. He calls Aaliya and says Pragya got ready to name everything on my name. Aaliya says she will sign and you will give her proofs to prove Bhai’s innocence. He says ofcourse, this is the deal. Tanu says just as you gets everything, you will give our share to us, right. Gaurav says you will get your share. Mitali hears them. Tanu says I said that Pragya will agree. Gaurav ends the call. His father asks if there will be anything wrong. Gaurav says I have done all the arrangements, plan is on. Aaliya asks Mitali, what happened? Tanu says when you will stop hearing us secretly. Mitali says even Dayan leaves 7 house and asks why do they harm the house, in which you are staying. Aaliya shouts at Mitali. Mitali asks if sister is like this, who does deal of her brother.

Aaliya asks her to stay in her limits. Mitali says you both have forgotten your value, and asks them to get scared of Pragya, if not me. She then laughs and asks them to say anything. She says if Pragya had heard then would have taken your class like I have taken. She asks them to practice to get saved. Aaliya asks if joke is going on? Tanu says did you find us only? Mitali says to tell the truth, you didn’t do right by risking Abhi. Tanu asks her to go and check the food. Aaliya threatens her. Mitali asks them to give some share to her also, as it is very difficult to hide the secret. Aaliya asks if she is asking them? Mitali says I am protecting my future and following your footsteps. Aaliya says we will give. Tanu says you are giving service to us, we will give share to you, thinking as bonus to the Servant. Tai ji hears them. Mitali goes. Aaliya says you gave her right answer. Tanu says software update, we shall make her see her value. Mitali tells Tai ji that they agreed to give the share. Tai ji gets happy. She says I told whatever you said, but my heart beat had increased. Tai ji says whatever Aaliya has done this time, this family will break if it is known to everyone. Mitali asks if we are getting to get drown. Tai ji says just as we get the money, we will go from here. Mitali says Abhi and Dadi. Tai ji says Abhi is happy with Pragya. Mitali says Pragya is ready her everything to Gaurav.

Gaurav tells his father that Pragya will come. His father asks if Pragya will give her everything for useless husband like Abhi. He says I can’t digest that she will do a big sacrifice for him. Gaurav says Pragya can give her life for Abhishek Mehra. He says when I made the plan to get her sign, by making her drunk, and that’s why I got Abhi locked in the storeroom. He says Abhi came out and then beaten me, as a bodyguard. He says when I reached her house, I saw him as her husband, who loves her dearly. He says that’s why Pragya will come here and sign for her husband.

Door bell rings. Pragya comes there and asks about papers. Gaurav says you seem to be in hurry. Pragya says it is a matter of perception, you might be thinking that I am losing my everything, but I am getting my everything. He asks her to read. Pragya says whatever is mine, is yours now. I really don’t care, as I am just thinking about my husband. Gaurav says just for my curiosity, how much do you love him? Pragya asks why do you love money so much? Gaurav says just have love. Pragya says I don’t need to make you understand, he is my kumkum and bhagya. She says one can snatch anything from the person, but not Bhagya. She says unless I have my Kumkum, I will not lose anything. She asks for the proofs. Gaurav says sent. Pragya checks the proofs. Gaurav smiles. Pragya goes. Gaurav’s father checks the papers and says she has named her everything on our name. Gaurav says I am not happy. His father asks what do you want? Gaurav says I remember old sayings, now my mood is changed, I will not give the proofs to Pragya. He laughs and says she will call me.

Prachi wakes up shouting Maa. Ranbir asks what happened? Prachi says I saw a very bad dream and says Maa is in trouble. Ranbir says your fever has increased. Prachi says Maa is in danger. Ranbir goes to bring something for her. Prachi thinks to call Pragya, and thinks she will get in tension. She says I shall call in the morning. Ranbir brings water for her, and says call her in the morning. He says I will put the wet cloth on your head, so that you gets fine. Prachi says my fever will be gone. She asks him to sleep and says tomorrow is your presentation for your start up. She says you love me so much. He says I will tell you daily, how much I love you? Sid comes there and asks him to sleep, and says I will keep cloth on her head. Ranbir says I can take care of her being her husband. He asks Sid to go. Sid goes. Saathiya plays….Ranbir takes care of Prachi. Saathiya plays…..

Pragya reaches the PS and thinks once Inspector sees this video, I will take him (Abhi) with me. Constable asks her to wait. Pragya gets Sushma’s call and tells that she has signed the papers and got everything. Sushma says you should have waited for me. She asks if she read? Pragya says whatever was on my name, is on his name now. Sushma says when you let Tanu and Aaliya came in our house, I was scared and that’s why. Pragya sees Inspector and says she will talk to her later. Pragya tells Inspector that she has the video in which Abhi has told Contractor clearly not to break the wall. She finds the video not opening. Inspector tells that it is view once video, and tells that whoever sent it, has joke with you. He says I didn’t see the video or the court. He asks her to come for hearing tomorrow. Pragya comes out shockingly. Gaurav comes there.

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