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Twist Of Fate Saturday 2nd April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Twist Of Fate Saturday 2nd April 2022: Twist Of Fate Saturday 2 April 2022, The Episode starts with Rhea telling Prachi that whatever she did with her 2 years ago, think this as the revenge for that. Ranbir asks Rhea to stop and asks Prachi to understand him. Aaliya says you will always cheat Prachi, says once a cheater will always be a cheater. She says Prachi, he will again betray you and will make fun of the marriage. She says you shall punish him. Dida asks Prachi not to take decision in angry and says your family…Prachi says family is built when there is a trust and love, but here my dear ones are my enemies. She says Ranbir was not in his consciousness, and that’s why named his sin as the mistake and Rhea was in her senses and that’s why called her sin as revenge. She says how to forget them. Ranbir apologizes to Prachi. Prachi says I can’t bear, and don’t think these tears are weakness, and says they are flowing as I couldn’t bear. She says trust is the first step of any relation, you have broken trust, and I am breaking this relation. She says our relation is over now, for forever. Sid looks shocked. Ranbir says no Prachi. Rhea smiles as she leaves the house. Aaliya and Rhea smiles. This turns out to be Rhea’s day dreaming and she thinks she will get mad thinking all this, thinks she needs to reach home, and then Buji will handle everything. She laughs and says I am so happy.

Abhi comes to Aaliya and asks did you talk to him? Aaliya says I talked to him and wanted to tell you that I am not working with Gaurav Thappar. Abhi says all the family members are corrupt. Aaliya says if I have known that you have problem with his family then wouldn’t have worked with them. Abhi says they are bad, I don’t want to see you with them. Rhea turns and looks at Sid. She says Sid…you are here. He kisses on her cheeks and says I love you too. He says you was saying I love you all night, and didn’t give a chance to say anything. He hugs her and says I am very happy. He says finally we are a couple and our marriage is completed. Rhea is shocked and says I was with Ranbir. Sid says you went to take Ranbir and I went to pacify Prachi. Rhea asks him to say. Sid says I stopped Prachi. A fb is shown. He stops Prachi and asks her not to look at his drinks, and see his happiness. He asks her to take him to room, else any girl will take him to room, and then you will curse yourself. Prachi asks him to come. Fb ends. He says Prachi felt that some girl is taking Ranbir and then saw you. They come to the room, while Rhea is talking to the manager about the lights. Prachi says they come to the wrong room. She wakes up Ranbir. Ranbir says Prachi, take me home. Prachi says we will go to our room and sleep. Sid and Prachi take Ranbir out. Sid tells Prachi that he has forgotten his phone inside, and asks Prachi to take Ranbir. He comes back to room, and takes his mobile and picks Ranbir’s jacket.

He finds his phone off at the wrong time and he falls on Rhea just as she comes. Rhea says today you will not say anything, you will stay here with me, this room and this night is ours, and you are just mine from today. She pushes him on the bed. Fb ends. Sid says who knows better than you, what happened after that. He says I will bring my jacket and goes. Rhea realizes she has got intimated with Sid and shouts in anger. She throws the things and says no. She says that night was not for you, it was for Ranbir. She thinks what the hell, I kept this night for Ranbir safely since so many years, not for you. She calls Aaliya. Aaliya says I am ready and will handle everything before you come here, I got my speech ready. I have to tell everything infront of family and then Prachi couldn’t say anything. Rhea says everything is over, my destiny is bad. She says I was with Sid and not with Ranbir. I told him all night that I loved him. She says Sid wanted his wife’s love and romantic honeymoon, and he got it. She says I am so angry. Aaliya asks how you couldn’t understand that you was with Sid and not with Ranbir. Rhea says I came inside the room with Ranbir, light went off, I went out to complain with Manager and then when I returned, Sid was here. She says I thought Sid as Ranbir. She asks Aaliya if she got this cheap room only, and says its all over.

Ranbir comes to Prachi wearing the bathrobe and kisses on her cheeks. Prachi smiles and gets up. Tujhme khoya rahun mein plays….He kisses on her forehead. He gives bathrobe to her. Prachi takes it. Ranbir picks the flower and gives to Prachi. The song continues to play. Prachi takes it and smiles. He says if you don’t mind, then shall we do breakfast later. They cover blanket on them.

Pragya calls Shagun and asks about Sushma’s bag. Shagun says it is in Aaliya’s Maam room. Pragya says I will get it and asks shagun to make juice for her. She comes to the room and takes Sushma’s bag. She thinks Gaurav’s 12 missed calls and recalls Abhi telling that Aaliya told that she will not work with Gaurav. Pragya says if Aaliya was so scared of you, then so much not have happened in our lives. She says you shall not trust her, as something is going on in their heart always. Abhi says who is far from you, is against you. Pragya says there is nothing in my heart against you. Fb ends. She thinks I will not tell him anything and will handle her myself.

Aaliya and Tanu come to Gaurav’s office. He asks why you are not picking the call. Aaliya says I have forgotten my phone at home and asks him to cut the call. Abhi sees Gaurav’s call and thinks why is he desperate. He finds Aaliya’s note and says there must be something important. Gaurav tells Tanu and Aaliya that he did wrong by coming in their talks and accused Pragya. He says since then he is seeing his downfall. He says I came in your talks and accused her of molestation, and you got crores of rupees from Pragya. He says you guys are enjoying at her house and I got bad reputation, you are not at all profitable for me. Aaliya asks what profit you want, you are here safe due to us. Tanu says we saved you from going to jail and asks why did he calling them again and again. She says lets go Aaliya? Gaurav says I have a plan and that’s why called again and again. Rhea comes out of her hotel, and thinks of Sid’s words. She sees Ranbir and Prachi coming there romancing each other. She asks them if they will be here, and don’t want to come home. Ranbir asks why are you angry, I will get my car. She sees lipstick mark on Ranbir’s neck and gets upset. Sid comes there holding the trolleys. Prachi teases him.

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