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Bridal Material Saturday 14th May 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Saturday 14th May 2022: Bridal Material Saturday 14 May 2022, The Episode starts with Prachi telling Inspector that if he had seen the papers for some more time then he would have known. She says for now, I want to tell Ranbir that these papers are not valid. She throws papers at him and says I can’t understand why Ranbir is angry, as I signed the papers or that he knows that this sign is not mine. She says due to the fake signatures, the papers are fake. She says due to the forged signatures, the papers are fake and tells that if we agree to my sister’s sister, that these papers are real, then also court has not passed the orders. Inspector says as court has not passed the orders, Ranbir and Prachi’s divorce are not done and she is technically his wife still. Prachi says I have many ways to prove this, but I have not come to do this, but have returned to get my rights and place in this house back.

She says whatever wrong has happened with me, I came to make it all fine. She tells that she will start with these divorce papers, and says the question is not that the signatures are not mine, but who has signed on it. She says whoever wants Ranbir and my relation to end. Rhea says stop this nonsense, there is nobody who will do your fake signs. Prachi thanks her and says I didn’t take anyone’s name. Rhea says orders will be passed by the court soon, and says it has your sign. Prachi looks at her thumb. Rhea says you can call writing expert and asks her to come with him. Prachi holds her hand. Rhea says leave my hand. Prachi says the hands which shall have mehendi, has the ink on her hand. She asks if it is not strange. Everyone sees ink on Rhea’s thumb. Rhea and Pallavi get shocked. Prachi says lie color is applied on marriage color. She says she lied to everyone, made the papers and got my fake signs, and also applied her thumb impression, but she has forgotten that ink is still there on her thumb. Rhea asks what nonsense and asks her to stop it. Prachi says it is 420 and crime in law’s sight. The NGO lady tells that don’t know how many cases will be filed on her. Other lady asks Inspector to arrest Rhea. Pallavi says how can you say this?

Prachi says Mummy don’t say this, and says just as I held her hand for 2 mins, her lie color got applied on my hand. She says you are holding her hand since long and says if that lie color falls on you. She asks her to stay away from Rhea, and says you don’t know my talented sister and can put the blame on you. She says she can say that you went behind her, when she went to get the papers, and you helped her made the papers. She says she can take your name to get her punishment less and can send you to jail. She requests her to stay out of it. Dida smiles. Prachi asks Inspector to take her, and says she has done fake marriage, show her real sasural to her. Rhea attacks her. Prachi moves and Rhea falls on Pallavi. Prachi says I will not bear anymore, you have crossed your rights, don’t force me to get all of you punished. The NGO Lady asks Inspector to arrest Rhea. Rhea says don’t arrest me and asks Pallavi to do something. She says I am your younger sister, forgive me. Prachi says that’s why I said that you changes color like chameleon. Pallavi asks Prachi to think as she is your sister. Rhea asks Ranbir to come something.

Vikram tells Prachi that there are other ways to teach her a lesson, but not jail. Rhea says I don’t want to go to jail. Prachi asks Inspector to take her. Rhea asks Ranbir and Pallavi to do something. Inspector is about to take her. Prachi stops Inspector and says I take back my complaint against Rhea. Inspector says we can’t do anything against her. Prachi says she will be punished here at home, and says let the matter be the family matter. She says leave her. Inspector says if Rhea had gone to jail, then Pallavi would also be arrested, as she called even though she knew that Rhea was wrong. Prachi says this is my fight, when I came here after marriage, I thought I will get love, but my love ones gave my side of love to someone else. She says my fight will continue and thanks them for their support. She says she will solve the matter if they let her stay here. Inspector asks what do you mean and says Prachi is Ranbir’s legal wife and shall stay here. He says if you don’t let her stay here, then we can come again. The NGO lady tells Prachi that if they call her, then they will give them ultimatum. She says Prachi shall get half share in Kohli’s properties and asks them to take care of Prachi. Prachi thanks her. Ranbir says if I don’t want to stay with Prachi, then? Other NGO Lady asks him to apply for the divorce, and says you can separate from her, but can’t cheat or hurt her. NGO lady says you can’t separate by making fake papers or by fighting with her. They warn them and tell Prachi that they will come to see if she is fine or not.

Prachi asks Servant to bring her stuff kept outside, and says Ranbir’s room is mine. She looks at Pallavi and Ranbir and goes inside. She says I have asked for the love, but you all betrayed me. She says I will win this fight for my rights. She goes to the room and looks at the decorated room. She says we have made our world here, and you tried to make your separate world. She says you will be punished daily. Ranbir apologizes to the guests and asks for the forgiveness. He says there will be no more function and asks them to go to their home. The guests leave. Saina asks if I shall go or stay here. Rhea asks her to come with her. Ranbir says I want Saina to leave you alone for sometime. Saina goes. Ranbir says he wants to ask Rhea and Pallavi. Rhea asks what? He asks seriously. Pallavi asks him to let some peace in the house. Ranbir says I will have question always. Pallavi asks him to ask her and not Rhea. Ranbir asks why do you trust Rhea blindly and says because of her, he has faced humiliation in life today. Pallavi asks what is your question. Ranbir says my question is simple and asks why did you lie to me that Prachi and my divorce is not done. Vikram says you can’t talk to your mother in that tone. Ranbir asks if you was aware about that. He says nobody knows what is in everyone’s heart here. He says if I had known then this thing wouldn’t have happened.

Pallavi asks what do you mean, that I have lied. Ranbir says you know what I meant. Rhea says you are taking your anger on us, which you shall take out on Prachi. He asks why there is ink on your thumb. He says Prachi haven’t applied ink on your thumb, and says she has applied black spot on your forehead for all life. He says you have signed her forged signs and also thumb impression. He says I might have signed and have forgotten. He says but how can you do duplicate sign and says it is so wrong. He says my own mother was with you, and it was going on behind my back and I was unaware. He asks what I shall think about this? Rhea says I was tired and didn’t have any patience left. She says I can’t depend on anyone for my happiness. Ranbir says you was with Sid before. Rhea says it was my helplessness, but I always loved you and today I am your wife. Pallavi says that’s true, nobody can refuse. Ranbir says this marriage is not legal. Vikram says Prachi was never our choice, you got married to Rhea and became her husband with your wish and now nothing can change. Ranbir says I have done this marriage with my consent, but I thought that Prachi and Sid have moved on, but if I had any idea that Prachi is thinking this about me then I….Pallavi says that’s enough.

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