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Bridal Material Monday 9th May 2022

Written by TALIBAN

 On Bridal Material Monday 9th May 2022: Bridal Material Monday 9 May 2022, The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Rhea that in a few days, Prachi will ask her to go and live her life with her husband. Rhea happily asks her to stop it and says if anyone hears me laughing then? She sees Prachi packing her bags and tells Aaliya that she will call her back. Aaliya thinks what happened suddenly. Rhea thinks if she is coming along with us to Bangalore, and thinks she trusts me and even Ranbir, if she comes along with us then my plan will be ruined. She thinks to ask her and asks her. Prachi asks her to talk in low tone and says even I am coming with you both to Bangalore, and tickets are booked. Rhea says you can’t come, who will take care of Dida and home. Prachi says she also said this, but Dida asked her to go and surprise Ranbir. She says Ranbir can’t stay without me and that’s why Dida asked me to go with him. Dida comes there and asks Prachi why did she tell Rhea? Prachi says she just told her. Rhea says Mummy will have problem. Dida thinks you are having problem and tells that Pallavi will be happy when she will tell her, that she sent Prachi for Ranbir’s happiness. Rhea says but. Dida says they are husband and wife, what is wrong if they go for outing. She says once they drop you to Sid’s hotel, they will leave. She asks Prachi to drop Rhea first. Prachi says ok. Ranbir comes there and greets the ladies. Dida says Rhea has taken surprise for Sid, and wants to show me. She goes with Rhea. Ranbir tells that surprises are good, and my destiny is not good that someone surprise me. Prachi says you might get in life. He says his life will start after he returns, and don’t like Bangalore. He says you didn’t pack my favorite shirt. Prachi says I will pack your shirt. Ranbir ask what are you hiding? She asks him not to keep her busy and asks her to go.

Mitali makes Poha for everyone. She thinks it is good that she made it for everyone, and thinks tea is ready, thinks to make sandwich, and salad. She asks where is Salad? Anchal and Shagun tell that it is kept there. Mitali asks her to give? Shagun refuses and tells that we can’t do anything. She says it is order from Pragya. Sushma comes there and asks Mitali what she made for breakfast? Mitali says she made Poha. Sushma says she don’t eat it and tells that she wants Porridge in breakfast. Mitali says what is it? I didn’t know how to make it, I know only daliya. Sushma says it is same, it is called porridge in English. Mitali says she doesn’t know about it. Shagun asks shall I make porridge for you. Sushma says no, and tells that Pragya is her daughter and she doesn’t want to go against her orders. She says even I don’t want to disobey her. Pragya comes there and asks Sushma what is she doing here? Sushma says I came to tell her that I like porridge. Mitali says she doesn’t know how to make. Pragya asks her to make and teach them as well. Sushma asks what is in lunch? Mitali tells that they have made tasty lunch, and says it was so tasty. Shagun says you had told that it is very bad. Mitali says you misunderstood me. Pragya says we will decide who will make lunch and asks her to make breakfast fast.

Dida takes Rhea to her room. She says you can keep everyone in dark and tells that you fool Prachi and she will believe you, but nothing changed here, rather than relations, you are still the same Rhea and haven’t changed.
Rhea asks what are you saying? Dida asks her not to act infront of her. Rhea says I don’t understand. Dida says shall I ask infront of everyone, why you want to spend time with Ranbir alone. Rhea is shocked and says why are you saying this, he is coming to drop me to Bangalore. She asks why are you remembering past, we are married now and whatever was between us is finished. Dida says you couldn’t clarify well and your intentions are clearly visible. She says I can see clearly the way you look at Ranbir, don’t challenge my life’s long experience. Rhea says there is nothing wrong in my heart. Dida says I just have doubt and that’s why I am sending Prachi with you, if my doubt increases then I will have to talk to Sid, and asks him to leave from here and stay in some other house with his wife. She asks did you understand and goes?

Rhea sits in shock. Shaina comes there and says I have reached here. Rhea hugs her and asks how are you? Shaina asks how are you? Rhea cries keeping her head on her shoulder. Shaina asks her to say. Rhea says I want Ranbir. Shaina says that’s why you married him. Prachi tells Ranbir that she will not miss him. Ranbir says my one day couldn’t go without you and asks her to do something. Prachi asks him to imagine that….Ranbir says you are hiding something from you and got nervous when I was about my shirt. Prachi says you had only said that life shall have some surprises, to keep excitement and love. He asks if this bag is surprise for me and tells that he will keep it with him always. He tells that he wants her to come with him and talk and make Sid and Rhea understand to sort out their marital problems. Prachi says I? Ranbir says yes, and tells that divorce happens in such cases. Prachi asks him to talk to Sid, as he will feel that she is Rhea’s sister and talking from her point of view. He says if you make him understand that he will think that you are neutral. Ranbir says you love your sister a lot. Prachi says yes, and tells that she loves her a lot.

Pragya and Sushma ask Mitali to make lunch and comes out. Dadi comes there and tells that she did good by making Mitali work, to keep her away from Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya says she will teach a lesson to Aaliya and Tanu too, and the lesson which they will be remembered for life.

Abhi wakes up and thinks why he is not having headache and thinks he couldn’t drink full wine, and the small amount got down as he fought with the goons for Pragya. Sushma, Pragya and Dadi come there. Pragya tells that they were doing puja. Abhi says you, and taunts her. Sushma says we were looking for Mitali. Abhi says I will ask her, she will tell me truth. Pragya says Dadi told that you like food made by Mitali. She says I told that you will not eat. Abhi says I like food made by Mitali. Pragya says you don’t like Poha. Abhi says he likes Poha and goes out. Pragya tells that she has done reverse psychology so that Abhi doesn’t listen to Aaliya, Tanu and Mitali and have breakfast. Dadi says you did right.

Shaina asks Rhea if she is not married to Ranbir. Rhea says no, she is married to his brother Sid. Shaina feels sorry for Rhea and asks if Ranbir got married and with whom? Rhea says with Prachi. Shaina says sorry, I should have done something for you, but now I can’t do. Rhea says Ranbir doesn’t have copyright issues and says I will get him back. Shaina says he is married to Prachi now. Rhea says I have made the plan and now Dida is doubtful about me. She says she has to tell everything fast and tells that she has warned me that she will reveal about my intentions to everyone.

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