Twist Of Fate Monday 25th April 2022

On Twist Of Fate Monday 25th April 2022: Twist Of Fate Monday 25 April 2022, The Episode starts with Ranbir about to go out to stop Prachi. Rhea says they will go far here and stay, they will stay together without any restrictions and fear. They wanted this, ruined our house and set their own house. Prachi falls down on the door, just as she is about to leave. Vikram, Pallavi and Dida look at her. Prachi gets up and looks at them. She gets hit by the door and steps out of the house. Rhea comes near Ranbir. Pallavi tells Dida that she has become Gandhari and was blinded due to Ranbir. She curses Prachi never to be happy and says I will never forgive her for 100 births. She says she will get cursed by a mother, I will curse her daily so that she cry daily and get punished daily. Dida says Prachi is not like this. Pallavi says do you think that she is innocent and says she went from here silently and Ranbir didn’t stop her either. She says he is stopping his tears and says this might become the pain for lifetime. Ranbir goes out from the room. Rhea smirks evilly and walks out behind him. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words and walking on the road. She stumbles recalling his words. She runs on the road and is about to get hit by the car. She stops. Song plays….She faints and falls down on the road. Sushma is in the car and comes out. She holds her and asks what happened?

Pallavi tells Rhea and Ranbir that they both are responsible for whatever happened. She says you were about to get married, but Ranbir married Prachi. She says Rhea you let that marriage happen and today the destiny brought you at the same place when you both were separated. She says when your journey is same, then why the way shall be different. She says I want you both to get together and says I am getting you both married. Dida and Vikram are shocked. Ranbir is shocked. Rhea smiles and hides her smiles. Pallavi says this was destined.

One Month Later (New Delhi)

Ranbir gets down from a black car and is looking different from his usual looks. The reporters come to him and asks if he want to crack a big deal of Kohli Industries. Ranbir says I see the deal as a challenge. The reporter asks Ranbir if he bought the hotel with much money than required. Ranbir says I gave 50 percent extra and says if that hotelier wanted, I would have bought it for a double price. They ask why he wanted to buy that hotel. Ranbir says due to my stubbornness. Rhea smiles looking at his interview. She switches off the TV. Pallavi tells that since Prachi left from his house, Shani went from his life, he is doing so well for himself and says his photo comes in the newspaper and his interviews come in magazine. He is doing so good for himself and she feels proud of him. She says since Sid left the business, Ranbir took the business to the next level and says his name is taken as business tycoon. She says this would have happened before, if that middle class Prachi was not in his life, and says my son returned to his house late. Rhea says he returned home, but didn’t come to me. She says I am waiting to marry him, but he is busy and asks when will he marry me? Pallavi says he will marry you, but before that, he has to make himself become strong to forget Prachi fully. She says people take different means to overcome breakup and says he has put himself in coal mine and doing great in his business. The guy asks Ranbir if he shall arrange the party and says I knew that you will get the deal. Ranbir says I don’t do party. The client tells that they like party. Ranbir says you can keep the party, but don’t call me. The employee tells the clients that he is like that only, not understandable. Ranbir calls the employee and asks him why he came late today and says if you come late then will be fired. The employee says I know you will not fire me, as my brother was your college friend and you love me. Ranbir says I don’t, I love your work.

Rhea tells Ranbir that if he stays busy then will he forget Prachi. She says I am worried and says you are keeping him away from prachi but not from her memories. She says Ranbir loves Prachi a lot and says if they meet again then he will go back to Prachi. She says our Servant Soni’s sister Gita went to Prachi and told that she felt bad for her, for whatever happened with Prachi. She says Prachi hired Gita and says Gita doesn’t work for Prachi, but for me. She says Gita sent me this video today. She shows the video in which Prachi is looking distressed. She says if Ranbir sees this video then he will melt for her.

At the traffic signal. Ranbir is in his car, while Prachi is in other car with Sushma. She is lost in thoughts. The seller knocks on the window and asks her to buy the pen. Prachi is still lost. The lady seller knocks on Ranbir’s car window and asks him to buy the pen, as her kids are hungry. Ranbir gives her 500 Rs and buys the pen. He asks her to keep the pen. Rhea tells Pallavi that Ranbir will not think that she is in this condition, that her truth is out and her respect is gone and she couldn’t forget him. She says he will think that Prachi is in this condition, as she went away from him. She says if he sees her, then will hug her and their pics will come in the newspaper. Ranbir tries to look at Prachi as her pallu flies out of the car. Signal frees and he drives off. Prachi tries to look at him. Sushma also drives the car and says he kicked you from your life and you couldn’t throw him out from your mind, it is not good to think about him all the time. Pallavi says Ranbir will never meet Prachi. Rhea says you had said this, when our marriage was fixed, but he went to Prachi. She asks what is the guarantee that this will not happen again. Pallavi says I am the guarantee and says that’s why I am getting you both married. Rhea says new house door will open when old house door closes. Pallavi says I will get his divorce done. Rhea says when you talked to him about divorce, he didn’t return home for many days. Pallavi says but he didn’t go to Prachi either, as he hates her. She says I know and understand that he is taking time to sign on the divorce papers. She says we will get Prachi’s sign first and says I am sending divorce papers to Prachi tomorrow. Prachi is in the room and is devastated. She looks at Ranbir’s pic in the newspaper as the successful businessman. She recalls their moments and keeps back the newspaper. His words echo in her ears and she gets afraid and cries. Ranbir comes home and takes out his clothes from it. He thinks there is no place for her even in his imagination. Prachi cries and lies down on the bed. Ranbir also lies down on his bed. Jaanisar song plays….

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