Twist Of Fate Monday 18th April 2022

On Twist Of Fate Monday 18th April 2022: Twist Of Fate Monday 18 April 2022, The Episode starts with Gaurav telling Mahesh that it will be not be good to go back to room now. He says nobody will go to the room. Mahesh says that phone has proof against you. Gaurav says we will first get rid of Abhi and then will think of phone. Mahesh asks what do you mean? Gaurav says I planned to kill him without hurting him. Mahesh says you would have suffocated him to death. Gaurav says I wanted the death to be natural and says I had confessed to Tanu that I will kill Abhi. He says Tanu is not loyal to anyone. He says he thought to leave Abhi in cold storage room, so that his death looks natural. He says people will think that he went there by mistake and died. Mahesh says your idea is good. Gaurav tells unconscious Abhi that nobody will come here as there is engagement today in the hotel. He says you had enough dose of chloroform and will die soon. He comes out of cold storage and tells Mahesh that the cold storage is un underground basement and nobody will come here. Mahesh asks him to take revenge from Pragya too, she has insulted you too. Gaurav thinks of Pragya’s words. He says when you can kill Abhi, then why can’t kill Pragya. He says when you can make full proof plan of killing Abhi, then why can’t you kill Pragya. He says if you get hang punishment, then also it will not be regret to kill both. He asks them to kill them both.

Sushma talks to someone and says she plans surprise birthday for Pragya’s anniversary. She gets Gaurav’s call and picks it. She asks how dare you to call me. Gaurav says I called for someone’s betterment and says unconscious people can’t say, and that’s why I called you to inform. Sushma asks who is unconscious? Gaurav says your son in law will die in 10-15 mins and asks her not to waste time, by calling hotel staff etc. He says I can slit his throat and give them death in seconds. He says if Pragya comes here in 10 mins then I will leave Abhi, else will kill him. Sushma asks where is Abhi? Gaurav says he is in cold storage room of hotel redzone bright. He says if you call someone, then nobody will be saved. Sushma asks do you think that I will get scared. Gaurav says if you are scared then Abhi’s breath will go on else. Sushma thinks how dare he, and calls PS. Constable picks the call. Sushma recalls Gaurav’s threat that he will cut his throat. She calls Pragya, but her phone is not reachable. Pragya thinks where did they take Abhi, and thinks to call Gaurav, but there is no network there. Sushma calls Pragya and finds the number unreachable. Pragya prays to God to show her some way and thinks where did he go?

Sushma comes out of office and sits in her car. She drives off and calls Shagun. Shagun says don’t know what is happening at home. Sushma asks her to give call to Pragya. Shagun says Pragya is not at home. She says Abhi sir came and left. She says then Pragya came and left. She says Aaliya and Tanu left with their stuff. Tai ji and Mitali went to Punjab in a hurry. Sushma asks her to inform him when she returns home.

Pragya comes to the room no. 510. Hotel staff says nobody is here. Gaurav tells Mahesh that in sometime, Abhi will die just as his blood freezes. He says people will come to take his dead body. Mahesh says let Pragya come here, it will be real revenge. Sushma messages Pragya and thinks it will deliver when network comes. Mahesh says your idea was not bad, to bring Abhi here in cold storage room. Gaurav says the enjoyment will be double when Pragya comes here, and says game and rules are mine, so the result will be mine too. Mahesh asks what you thought about her. Gaurav asks him to enjoy the twist and turns. Pragya asks waiter about the terrace. Waiter says there is no terrace, just 5 floor in this hotel. He tells her about the cold storage in basement. Pragya is going there. Sushma calls her and says thank god, your call is connected. She asks him to go to red zone hotel’s cold storage room and says Abhi is there. Pragya says she is in the hotel and going to cold storage room. Sushma asks her to listen.

Pragya ends the call. Sushma’s car is stopped by the traffic police. Gaurav comes out to call. Pragya is going from there. Sid thinks to call Prachi and thinks she will be happy. He asks Gaurav if network is coming? Gaurav says that side. Sid sees Pragya and thinks she is Prachi’s mom. He goes to other side to talk and thinks there is no network here. Gaurav calls his goons and asks if they got consciousness. Sid hears Gaurav telling that he has planned to kill both Abhishek Mehra and his wife Pragya. He says Abhi can be saved by Pragya. If she saves him, then its ok. He says if Pragya shows any smartness, then I will kill them both. Sid runs from there hearing him. Gaurav asks if he is mad, and asks goons to come out carefully. He thinks if Pragya don’t care for Abhi. He thinks she didn’t come yet. He comes to the cold storage room and finds his dad missing from there. He calls Pragya and asks if she is there, and asks her to come out. He finds Abhi missing from his place. He finds Mahesh unconscious and runs to him. He checks his pulse. Pragya recalls Mahesh threatening her with knife, and that’s why Pragya hits on his head with something. Gaurav says thank god, seeing his dad fine. Pragya is standing with unconscious Abhi on the wheelchair. Gaurav asks Pragya to come out.

Sid calls Prachi and says I have seen with my eyes. Prachi says I will come there, and says she will call Police. Sid says that guy is crazy. Prachi says we can’t leave that person, tells that she is coming there. Rhea hears them and thinks Prachi went to meet Sid for her extra marital affair. She left as if someone is in danger.

Gaurav comes near Pragya. Pragya comes infront of him and shows him knife. She then attacks him with the plate. Gaurav falls down and holds his head. Pragya looks at the stairs sign and is taking Abhi from there. Gaurav gets up and shoots in air. He comes to her and says you thought yourself as an expert, and asks her to apologize to him else…Pragya says what you will do, and says you will do what you was doing, and says such cheap person like you will not get forgiveness. She says he came to punish you, but now nobody can stop me from punishing you. Gaurav says you are on gun point and asks her to apologize, says I may leave you. Pragya asks him to surrender to Police and says may be I can forgive you.

Abhi gains conscious and makes Gaurav’s gun falls down. He beats him. Mahesh gets up and keeps knife on Pragya’s neck. Abhi says leave her. Mahesh says leave my son, else I will slit her throat. H says my son likes dialogues, but I want result on the spot. He says if you want your wife to be alive, then go to cold storage room and lock yourself. Abhi says I will go inside. Pragya says don’t go inside. Gaurav locks the door as Abhi goes inside. Abhi asks him not to harm Pragya. Pragya frees herself and shows knife to Gaurav and Mahesh. Gaurav hits Pragya on her head and locks her too in the cold storage room. Abhi holds Pragya and asks Gaurav to let Pragya go. Mahesh and Gaurav smile and leave from there.

Prachi is on the way. The driver says the road is blocked. Prachi gets down and asks the constable to let her go. The constable asks her to leave. Prachi says it is matter of someone’s life and death. Constable says everyone wants to say the same dialogue and says it seems I have to call the lady constable. Prachi runs and tries to move the barricade.

Abhi asks Pragya to open her eyes and says if you faint then your body temperature will fall down. He says why you have come to save me. He shouts for help. He asks her to open her eyes, and says you have lost the dart game and shall obey me for 24 hours. He knocks on the door and says I will not forgive you, as you hug the troubles always, before it reaches you. He knocks on the door and asks for help again. He cries asking for help and says save my Pragya. Pragya gets up and hugs him. She asks if someone scolds when someone else is unconscious. Abhi looks at her and hugs her. Allah wariyan plays……Pragya says let me hug you. Abhi says I will hug you always. Pragya says always. Abhi says I want your permission. Pragya says did you know when you hugged me last time. Abhi says yes. Pragya says in court. He says after the court too, in the dreams. Pragya says you are businessman of talks. She says you are good person and does good business of heart. Abhi kisses on her forehead and says you have to pay the price for the business which I do. He says I have snatched your peace and happiness. He says I came to know why you stayed away from me since 2 years, and tells that why you hate me, and when you met me, why did you push me. He says I came to know everything and you shall know now.

He says I didn’t fail your car brakes, and didn’t try to kill you. He says they used my name so that even if you are saved then you shall think me wrong. He says he heard Aaliya and Tanu speaking to Gaurav and confessing everything. Pragya says how can I believe that you can kill me. She recalls hearing his voice saying the same and says it is my fault to believe. Abhi says your death news came, but I lost the life. He says I don’t want to bear anything now and asks her not to go far from him. He says we will stay here. Pragya says here and asks him to do something so that they come out. He says we will hug each other and jokes. He asks if she is remembering something. Pragya recalls getting locked in cold storage room, while Abhi saving her. He says we will leave from here. Pragya asks him to think good for good result. They knock on the door. Gaurav gives money to the waiter and asks him to call him if Police comes. Waiter says ok. Mahesh says if anyone comes to know about our plan. Gaurav says he has plan B and C ready. Mahesh feels proud of him. Prachi is running on the road to reach there. A guy holds her and asks her to walk carefully. Abhi and Pragya knock on the door. Pragya says nobody will come here. Abhi says we are united to live and not to die. Pragya asks him to come and tries to clean his injury with her saree pallu. Abhi says it is small injury, let me knock on the door. She says if someone comes then we will shout. Abhi takes out his jacket and asks her to wear it. Pragya asks him to wear it. Abhi says you have given your everything to Gaurav. Pragya says it was not mine, but I got what is mine. Abhi says if you say this without shaking up, then it is good. They sit together. Abhi rubs her hand. Prachi reaches the hotel and searches for Sid. Abhi and Pragya reminisces their moments.

Abhi asks Pragya to keep her eyes open and says someone will come to save us. Pragya says you are with me, nothing will happen to me. He rubs her hands and hugs her. Prachi comes to the cold storage room and shouts Maa and Papa. She tries to open the door. Sid brings the stretcher there and opens the door. Prachi runs inside and shouts Maa and Papa. She calls the ward boys to come inside and help. They take Abhi and Pragya on stretcher.

Gaurav talks to the waiter. Waiter says hospital staff came and took them from cold storage room. Gaurav asks why didn’t you call me? Waiter says police haven’t come. Gaurav says if I will give instructions for everything. He asks why you didn’t call me. Waiter says we are trained to give what is asked. Gaurav asks him to end the call and tells Mahesh that now plan B. He calls his goon and tells that Abhishek Mehra and his wife are admitted to the hospital. He asks the goon to kill them both in hospital and send him photo. Goon says ok, work will be done. Prachi and Sid rush Abhi and Pragya to the hospital. Prachi asks doctor if her Papa will be fine. She then rushes to Pragya. Doctor treats both Pragya and Abhi in separate rooms. Ram Ram Jai plays..…

Doctor comes out and tells that Pragya is fine, and they are shifting her to ward. Prachi asks what about my Papa. Doctor says his case is quite complicated and asks her to wait until other doctor comes. Abhi’s doctor comes and says he is out of danger, and asks Nurse to shift him to ward. He asks them to come to the ward, as they will be shifting them in the same ward. Prachi goes to sign the form. She walks past the goon, who is wearing peon uniform. The goon sees Abhi and Pragya being shifted to the ward. Nurse asks who is he? The goon says he is Rakesh and came to give the file.

Prachi fills the form and tells Receptionist about her parents’s enemy trying to kill them. Peon comes there and tells that his uniform is stolen. Prachi realizes that she heard the guy talking that he is Rakesh. She runs. The goon takes off the oxygen support system and leave from the ward. Abhi and Pragya struggle for breathe. Prachi asks someone to hold the goon and says he wants to kill my parents. Sid holds the goon. Prachi comes to the ward and gets shocked seeing through the window pane.

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