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Twist Of Fate Monday 14th March 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Twist Of Fate Monday 14th March 2022: Twist Of Fate Monday 14 March 2022, The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that they were playing horse game and asks if she will cling on his back. Pragya goes from there. Sumit says Bhabhi got angry because of you. Pallavi lights the lamp and gives the aarti to Dida. Dida asks Prachi to do the aarti. Prachi does the aarti and sings bhajan, while Ranbir makes the cradle swing holding the rope. Pallavi does the aarti next. Rhea waits for the idol to fall down and smiles. Rhea thinks my work is not done while the aarti is about to end. Prachi looks at the idol about to fall down and runs to hold the idol in her lap. Vikram shouts at Pallavi and says I didn’t hope this from you. Gaurav comes to Tanu’s house. Tai ji opens the door. Gaurav greets her. Mitali comes there and tells that she got late to open the door. Gaurav asks where is Aaliya? Tanu asks him to say what happened? He says I need to talk to Aaliya and not you. Aaliya comes there. Gaurav goes out with Aaliya. Tanu locks Tai ji and Mitali inside the house and goes behind them.

Tanu comes and asks didn’t you know your name, Gaurav Thappar. Gaurav says you told me that Abhi is your husband then how he became Pragya’s husband. Aaliya asks Tanu to say. Gaurav says when I went to Pragya’s house, I came to know that Abhi is her husband and he asked me to search on net. He says when I checked on net, I found them together as husband and wife. Tanu says Abhi is right, Pragya is his wife. Aaliya says we thought Bhai has divorced Pragya, but the divorce haven’t happen so they are husband and wife and thought to give a try to their marriage. Gaurav says when did this happen and says my statement will be proved wrong in court. Aaliya asks him to go home and says I will make you understand tomorrow. Gaurav goes. Aaliya tells Tanu that she has saved her and says you have double crossed Gaurav. Tanu says even you went to Gaurav and tells that she thought of her advantage and says she will win when Abhi takes revenge from Pragya. She goes. Aaliya thinks you have done a big mistake.

Vikram tells Pallavi that she must know why Janmasthami puja is held every year in our house, as Ranbir was born after this festival. He says you made me feel ashamed infront of everyone, due to you. Dida says it is neither Pallavi’s mistake nor of Prachi. Ranbir asks Vikram to relax. Vikram says I don’t want to interfere in saas bahu matter and tells Pallavi that it is her mistake as she gave the responsibility to the wrong person. Dida asks Vikram to leave it. Vikram says I feel proud of you, but you let me down, you have given responsibility to the one who doesn’t know the meaning of responsibility. He apologizes to the guests and asks Arun to go to room. Prachi is about to go behind Vikram, but Pallavi stops her. Rhea thinks Pallavi shall scold Prachi. Prachi says I had checked, don’t know how the cradle slide. Pallavi shouts enough and says she is insulted infront of her husband, family and guests. Dida says Prachi held Bal Gopal from falling down. Pallavi says but she fell down in my sight. She goes on blaming Prachi and tells Ranbir that she did everything due to him. She asks if she deserves to be scolded by his dad infront of guests, though he is right as I gave the responsibility to the girl who is good for nothing, who just knows to talk. She says I am relieving you from all the responsibilities of today and I want the house keys back. Prachi gives the house keys to Pallavi. Pallavi says it is not fashion and says hardwork, responsibility, focus and discipline to handle this responsibility.

She says you became the wife, but not bahu. She says she is not hesitant to tell that you have failed as a bahu, as she proved me wrong always. Rhea smiles. Pallavi says I will give the house keys to the one who deserves. She gives the house responsibility to Rhea and says now you will handle this house. Teju smiles. Rhea takes the keys. Pallavi says I hope you don’t disappoint me. Rhea says it was not Prachi’s mistake. Pallavi asks Prachi not to do anything wrong and don’t come out of room, as the accidents will happen until you are here. Prachi goes to her room. Ranbir goes behind her. Rhea thinks I made Mummy against Prachi, now has to make Ranbir against her. Sid tells Rhea that she must be feeling bad for Prachi. She says I am not feeling bad, I know she is strong and will handle, I love her a lot and she goes to attend the guests. Teji tells Rhea that she ordered food from caterer. Rhea says I will serve everyone personally.

Ranbir wipes Prachi’s tears and says Dad reports came. He says I want you to think about chief and asks her to divert her mind. Prachi says it is my mistake. Ranbir asks her to take a break and tells that Rhea will handle the guests. Prachi says Mummy felt bad due to me. Ranbir says lets go one thing, lets go on a drive. I will drive and you will hold my hand, it will be romantic. Prachi nods no. He says shall we go and meet your Mummy. Prachi looks on.

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