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Bridal Material Friday 6th May 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Friday 6th May 2022: Bridal Material Friday 6 May 2022, The Episode starts with Prachi leaving from the hotel room, after Sushma breaks her relation with her. Sid comes back and asks for Prachi. Sushma asks who is Prachi, I don’t know any Prachi. Ranbir recalls Pallavi getting Prachi’s pic thrown out. He gets restless and teary eyes. He reminisces the moments spent with Prachi. A fb is shown. He keeps hand on his ears and then looks at his watch. A fb is shown. Ranbir recalls asking Prachi to come, and says baraat will go. Prachi comes ready. He says OMG, you are looking so good and asks will you marry me? Prachi says we are already married. He says I want to marry you again and says he didn’t see her in such nice clothes before. Prachi says she didn’t get a chance to wear nice clothes before and says when we will go to my sasural, then we will marry properly. He says we will plan everything and will do all the rituals. Prachi says yes. Ranbir says will you marry me again. She says yes, in Kohli house.

Prachi recalls Sushma asking her never to return to her. She thinks of Ranbir. Ranbir gets a call. Prachi says I am on call, I am your Prachi. He says he can’t hear her. Prachi says don’t get married, I am coming with you with your life’s biggest happiness. Her phone battery gets over. Prachi asks driver to drive fast and says I can’t miss this flight. Ranbir thinks how much I am missing her, I am feeling that she has called me. He thinks why she will call me and recalls seeing her with Sid.

Next morning, Rhea comes to Ranbir and asks him to wake up. Ranbir wakes up. Rhea asks him to take his sherwani and says today we are getting married, and all the rituals will happen. She says Niti wants this room to decorate, as we will have our first night after marriage, you know what I mean? He gets up and looks at the door. Rhea asks what happened? Ranbir says she is coming. Rhea asks what is this, if you are thinking about her. She says she will not return as….Just then they see Prachi coming there. Prachi says your Prachi came to you. Ranbir says I knew, I was waiting for you. Rhea says no, we are marrying. Prachi says sorry for not coming home. She says everything will be fine and says we will give a chance to each other and will forget the past. She says our love can’t break with the misunderstanding, we will start with new hope and imagination. Rhea says no and goes to tell Pallavi. Ranbir says I missed you so much. Prachi says you was busy in work. He says I can’t forget your memories. She says I love you. Ranbir says I love you too Prachi. He hugs her. Tujhme khoya rahun me plays….

Pallavi asks what are you saying? Rhea says they are talking about uniting again. Pallavi says Prachi will return and today Ranbir and you will unite. She breaks their hug and says I didn’t see such a shameless girl before. She says you do much drama and asks her to leave. She holds her hand to throw her out. Ranbir says no mummy. He wakes up from sleep and shouts Prachi. It turns out to be his imagination. He gets up and looks at his Sherwani with Rhea’s note with it. He reads it and throws it. Song plays…..He thinks Sid might have told Prachi, but then also she didn’t call me even once, if she has moved on really.

Sushma also comes back to Delhi. She comes to Abhi and Pragya’s room. She says I am sorry Pragya, I couldn’t stop Prachi, she was stubborn to go to Ranbir, for her child. She says Prachi is pregnant and that’s why went to Ranbir. She says she doesn’t understand me and says I am a human and can’t see my daughters’ lives ruining. She says I wanted to handle her, and that’s why kept the condition before her, but she chose Ranbir and left. I didn’t stop her and let her go. She apologizes to Pragya and cries.

Prachi comes out of the airport and asks the taxi driver to take her, but he refuses and tells that the road is bad there. Another driver comes there and asks her to sit, seeing her pleading infront of him. The driver says I will take you at the right time. Prachi thinks wait for me Ranbir, and asks the baby to wait to meet her/his Papa.

Rhea asks her friend Shaina, how is she looking? Shaina says nice. She says I am happy, and thought that you love Sid and got married to him. Rhea says such was the situation, and says I saw my life’s worst phase, I used to be happy until she came in my life. She says I was my dad’s dear daughter and everyone used to love me. She says I was popular and bright student in college too, but when Prachi came in my life, she started snatching my Dad, my family and also snatched my Ranbir from me. She says I am getting everything back and have snatched everything from her, and even Ranbir. She says what is mine, I will get it. Shaina says if that is written in your destiny. Rhea says there is nothing like destiny, tells that she changes destiny with her conspiracies. She says your destiny lines are in your hand and I changed my destiny. She says I heard that your Kumkum Bhagya is written in your destiny when you was born, and says just like Prachi thinks that Ranbir is in her destiny, and not in my destiny, but I have changed my destiny and anyone can do it.

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