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Twist Of Fate Friday 25th March 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Twist Of Fate Friday 25th March 2022: Twist Of Fate Friday 25 March 2022, The Episode starts with Abhi, Purab, Ranbir and Prachi coming to office. Abhi and Purab ask Juhi to get the coffee for them. Ranbir asks her to get a cup of coffee for him also. Abhi asks Prachi to get invitation cards samples and selects the best one. Prachi says ok. Juhi comes and says coffee machine is not working so she ordered from outside. Prachi asks we shall go out and have coffee. Ranbir says so much time will be wasted. Prachi tells that they shall go out to a local coffee shop (thela) and drink it. Abhi says thela coffee. Prachi asks him to think about the taste and asks didn’t he drink thela coffee before. He says he drank coffee and says I like it. He says cutting coffee. Purab asks when? Abhi recalls and a fb is shown. Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Abhi asks shall I play music? Pragya says no and shows her hand to stop. She tries to talk to him then, but he asks her to respect him.

Pragya says we should have wait for much time and tells that Dadi must be feeling bad. Abhi calls her Chashmish and says you didn’t let me to have coffee. He says I want to spend some time with you. Pragya says Dadi came just yesterday. Abhi says Dadi will be with us. He says you didn’t let me have the coffee. Pragya asks him to stop the car and says she will make him drink world’s best coffee. She takes him to the local thela (shop) and orders 2 coffee. Abhi says only 1 and asks her to look at his standard, says he is in 10th standard and she is asking him to be in 1st standard. Pragya asks him to drink once and says you will come again and again. She says this shop guy made the coffee infront of you and the ingredients are also fresh. Abhi says you are saying as if you know. She takes a sip and says it is world’s best coffee, but you will not drink. He takes the coffee which she sipped and says it is world’s best coffee. He asks her to drink fast else people will see lip to lip moment. Pragya feels shy and drinks it. Abhi kisses her surprising her infront of the people. Fb ends.

Abhi says I drank thela coffee and asks Ranbir if he drank? Ranbir says many times. Abhi asks Ranbir and Prachi to go and enjoy coffee. He asks Purab to go too and thinks he will not drink thela coffee without Pragya. Meera and Mitali clean the room for Abhi’s interns so that they can work and rest. Meera says this room is cleaned after many days. Mitali asks her to have food. Meera says she will have food after Rhea comes. Mitali says your life revolves around Rhea. Rhea says yes. Mitali asks her to feel proud and asks if she felt bad when Rhea does wrong with Prachi. Meera tells yes and tells that when she was worried when that cliff news came. Mitali says she is very possessive about Abhi. Meera says yes, a bit. Mitali says very much. She says you have handled her well and asks her to make her understand. She says if her sister comes back then Rhea might not be able to handled. She says Rhea can’t share Abhi’s love with her and says this shall not happen. She asks her to prepare her for future. Meera thinks Rhea can’t share her dad’s love with her twin sister.

Prachi and Juhi take the coffee from the thela (shop). Prachi comes to Ranbir and Purab. Ranbir gets down from the car and takes coffee from Juhi’s hand. Prachi asks Purab to drink coffee. Purab says he had it many times. Ranbir takes coffee from juhi’s hand and makes the coffee fall down, says it was an accident. Prachi says seems like coffee doesn’t like you. Ranbir says it doesn’t like the coffee given by the girl. Prachi asks Ranbir to drink coffee and says you was telling infront of Mehra sir that you like coffee. Purab gets a message and tells him that he has a meeting. Ranbir says I will also come. Purab asks Juhi to come and asks Ranbir to finish the coffee and come. Prachi comes to Ranbir and gives him coffee. Ranbir says I said, but I don’t like it. Prachi says how you will say that you don’t it, without checking it and says until you get drenched in water, you will not know how you will enjoy. She says one day you will remember this coffee and asks him to drink. Ranbir looks at her and drinks coffee, while she is talking to him. Song plays……tu pehla pehla pyaar hai plays…..He goes to the coffee seller and keeps the empty glasses and money. He continues to look at Ranbir.

Priyanka asks Rishi, if he is leaving. He says yes and says don’t know when the rain will start. Priyanka asks will you drop me? Rishi says we have studied in the same college, but here we work. Priyanka says we know each other and asks why is he doing this? He asks her not to be friendly with him. Priyanka asks him to give her gift thinking her as a stranger.

Disha tells Hritik that she talked to Veronica. Hritik is having food and asks why? Disha says to ask your wallet? Hritik says why? He says he will do her work and clean her room and dining table. Disha asks him to go home and handle his life. Door bell rings. Veronica comes. Disha says hi. Hritik gets tensed and looks at her. Veronica returns his wallet and says so he is here. Disha asks her to come inside. Veronica says I don’t move back and says there is an advice for you and says when you ask him to marry you, then he will leave you. Disha is shocked and says we are just friends. Rishi drops Priyanka home and asks if she has to ask for lift and if he will offer her lift. Priyanka says she likes his protective nature and says your thinking is middle class, but it is ok. She asks him with whom he stays. Rishi says I stay with my Nani and she said that today she had a fight with someone. She asks whom? He says it is a big story.

Abhi comes in his car. Priyanka introduces him to Rishi and says he is her college friend and intern in their company. She says he was a topper in the college like you are a rockstar. Abhi asks Rishi to go and says rain might start. Rishi goes. Abhi asks Priyanka if she likes him as she seems to be very excited while talking to him. Priyanka lies that Rishi insisted to give her lift so she agreed and says she likes him just as a friend. Abhi thinks Rishi might like her and thinks to check his background.

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