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Bridal Material Friday 13th May 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Bridal Material Friday 13th May 2022: Bridal Material Friday 13 May 2022, The episode starts with Ranbir is about to wipe Prachi’s tears, but stops. Prachi wipes her tears herself and says don’t think my tears as my weakness. She says it comes to convey me that I am not alone. Ranbir says you was never alone, but you was not with me. He says I am asking you, so that we can start life again. Prachi asks why are you asking this, did you forget what you have done with me. Ranbir says I remember everything and says I had told you that if you confess your mistake then I will forgive you and accept you. Prachi says I remember what you told and asks did you remember what I told. A fb is shown. Prachi says you had said that when relation is not there, then what was the need to talk. He says I remember and says you had told that you will talk to me when I calm down, but you didn’t come. He says I called you, but you have changed your number. Prachi says you know that I was at Badi Maa’s house. He asks why I should have come there. He asks why you have come to tell me that you love me. Prachi says I hate you and pushes him. She says I want to give you the same pain, which I went through. She says when Sid told me that you are marrying Rhea, I told him that you are one woman man, and will not marry her, but I was wrong and you married her. She says I have returned as I came to know about all the truth.

She says I didn’t betray you, but you have betrayed me and broke my heart. She says you had seen my love enough and now will see my hatred. She says you have seen my love, support and care, now you will see me settling scores. She says I haven’t come here as I love you, but because I hate you. And whatever you have done with me, everyone will pay for this, including you….Ranbir Kohli. Song plays….Ranbir looks on. Prachi walks out from there. Ranbir goes behind her. Rhea says until I stop her, nobody will stop her. Prachi comes there. Rhea asks Inspector who has called you, my mother in law so that you can protect my rights, I am married to Ranbir, but this girl is ruining our marriage and doing drama. She requests him to arrest her. Prachi claps and says very nice. She says sorry, I have clapped as I couldn’t stop myself after hearing the appeal. She says if you had done this drama one month back, I would have believed you. She says the girl who changes her color like squirrel, her own color is faded away. Rhea says you can’t call me squirrel and says it seems you have watched Balaji webseries girgat. Pallavi says she can’t bear anymore, holds Prachi’s hand to throw her out. Ranbir tries to stop Pallavi. Inspector goes behind them. Vikram says Inspector you shall throw her out.

Ranbir holds Prachi and Pallavi’s hand. Rhea holds his hand. Pallavi asks her to leave. The ladies come from NGO and tells that they work for woman’s rights. Rhea thanks them and says this girl is doing drama and not letting my marriage rituals complete. She says she is claiming that my husband is hers and asks them to tell her that she is not welcomed here, and has no right on my husband. She says whoever called you, her wishes shall be fulfilled. The ladies tell that Prachi has called them. Prachi says I called NGO as I know how much you can stoop, and you have brought Police. She says you had told that whoever called them, all their wishes are fulfilled. She says now my wishes will be fulfilled and tells that she is already married to him and his second marriage is invalid. Ranbir says I came to know early morning today, that we are officially divorced. A fb is shown, Ranbir tells Pallavi that he can’t marry Rhea until he takes officially divorced from Prachi.

He says I will marry you after taking divorce from Prachi. Rhea says she has already divorced you. Ranbir asks if Prachi signed on the papers. Rhea says if you don’t believe then I can show you, and says she has signed where you have signed. Ranbir asks when did I sign on it? Pallavi says you was drunk and angry, and signed on it. Ranbir says ok. Everything is over. fb ends. Prachi says I haven’t signed on any papers. Ranbir says I was not in my senses when I signed and asks if she don’t remember that she signed. He says you have signed yourself and you shall remember. He says you don’t remember when you have broken our marriage. Inspector says it is clear that you are divorced, and that’s why your objection is not right and you shall leave the house right away. Prachi says this is a lie, I haven’t signed on any papers. Ranbir says you are lying. Prachi asks him to trust her sometimes. Ali Ali plays…..

Dida thinks Rhea and Pallavi have done something wrong and that’s why silent, else would have ran and brought the papers. Vikram says it is done that divorce matter came infront of Police and NGO. He hopes Police arrests Prachi and NGO helps Rhea get her rights. He says we got their marriage done, after the divorce. He insists to show the divorce papers and asks Rhea to bring the papers. He asks who is having the papers. Rhea says I am having the papers and goes. Pallavo goes behind her. Rhea searches for the divorce papers. Pallavi tells that we don’t have divorce papers and that old papers got ruined due to Sushma tondon. Rhea tells that she got another papers made and will sign on it. Pallavi says you can copy Ranbir’s sign, but can you sign Prachi’s signs. Rhea says when Sushma came here and slapped papers on my face. I was practicing Prachi’s sign daily. Pallavi says I will help you to search the papers. She gets the papers and shows to Rhea.

Rhea says I have already signed and tells that she needs to add thumb impression. She takes stamp pad and applies her thump impression as Ranbir and Prachi’s thumb impression. She comes out and shows the papers to Inspector. Prachi says I haven’t given divorce, as this marriage is a life long relation for me, and I can be getting insulted, but will not let my relation insulted. She says I haven’t signed. Ranbir checks the papers and throws on Prachi, saying it has her sign. Rhea looks on. Prachi checks the papers and tells Inspector that he didn’t see the papers carefully. She says these signs are fake and are not mine. She says there is interesting things in these papers, thank god I am educated and made legal papers for the company before. She says my sister is always a spoilt brat and feels that she is very smart and all the world is foolish, and whatever she thought will be done. She tells Inspector that if he had seen the papers for sometime, then would have known. She says for now, I want to tell Ranbir that these papers are not valid and throws them on him. Ranbir looks on.

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