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Twist Of Fate 8th March 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Twist Of Fate 8th March 2022: Twist Of Fate 8 March 2022, The Episode starts with Rhea calling the delivery guy and asks when he will come? The delivery guy says he is riding the bike and will be there in 5 mins. Rhea thinks to transfer the food in the house utensils. She thinks to count the guests and then counts them. The guests talk about eating in someone’s house. Pallavi says we will have food. Prachi serves the food in the bowl and thinks she will be forgiven soon. Teji comes to the kitchen and tells that everyone is waiting outside. She says I thought to tell them that I will eat Rhea’s chole first. She asks what shall I take out? Rhea makes the onion plate falls down and asks her to go to Prachi, and see what is she doing. She says I will do the final touch of the chole. Teji asks her to hurry up. Rhea thinks where is this delivery guy. She calls him and asks him to come to the backdoor. She takes the parcel from him and asks him to go. Prachi makes the food. Teji comes there and tells that Rhea is ready with the food and asks her why is she frying the chillies. Prachi says chote batura doesn’t look nice without chillies. Teji asks her to hurry up.

Rhea comes to the kitchen and tastes the chole batura. She says wow, thinks Prachi can’t beat such a taste, everyone will wonder tasting it. Prachi serves the chole batura. Rhea transfers it in the container and finds it hot. She drops the container bowl on the floor and gets worried, thinking what to do, what guests will eat now.

(Imagination Scene) Prachi serves the chole batura to everyone. Dida asks them to start. Rhea comes out. Dida asks where is your chole batura? Pallavi asks what happened, if it was not ready. Teji says it is ready, shall I bring it. Rajeshwari ji says bring it, else our stomach will get full with this one. Prachi asks Rhea, why she is in tension, if anything went wrong. Rhea says I will come in sometime and thinks to order it again. She thinks until when they will have Prachi’s chole batura, my order will come and my 1 spoon is enough to impress them. Pallavi asks why your chole batura is not made yet and asks where is it? Rhea is silent. Pallavi says I was having so hopes with you, but you didn’t make it and asks what was she doing in kitchen. Prachi says she knows, but let it be and tells that her chole batura is enough.

Dida asks what happened? Prachi says Rhea couldn’t make the food. Dida asks what are you doing then? Teji says she has seen the casserole. Prachi says Rhea haven’t made it and thought everything will be on time. Pallavi asks what are you doing in the kitchen then? Prachi says Rhea had called beautician for Manicure and Pedicure, so she couldn’t get time to make chole batura. Pallavi asks have you gone crazy, and says it is absolutely mad. Rhea asks Prachi to stop it. Prachi says it was my mistake, I should have asked her to get it done fast, but. Rhea shouts asking her to stop and says you want to show that you are responsible and I am careless. Prachi says I am your sister. Rhea says I am your jethani. She says sorry to dida and Pallavi and says she had ordered chole batura from Delhi’s reputed restaurant. She says the food fell down while I was transferring food in the container. Rajeshwari asks Pallavi what are they hearing, and says if you had to order food then we would have eaten food at our home. Pallavi apologizes.

Rajeshwari ji says it is very insulting. Prachi asks her to forgive Rhea and asks her to think that Rhea has made the food. Rajeshwari ji says you are a good bahu, and made nice food, and that’s why I am forgiving Rhea. Prachi thanks her and asks Pallavi to forgive her. Pallavi asks Rhea how dare she to order food without her consent and says they are silent being her respect and calls her worst bahu. She tells Prachi that she will handle the house and handovers the keys to her, saying you deserve this. Prachi says you love me and showed trust in me, but these keys shall be given to Rhea, as she truly deserves this. Rhea asks her to stop it and says you get immense happiness when I get scolded infront of everyone. She says you call yourself as my sister and did all this to act as best bahu. Dida says why you think of her doings as bad and says she is not bad, but you are bad and don’t deserve to be a bahu. Rhea says you have problem with me since the start and you likes her. She says you wanted Prachi to get the keys. Pallavi asks Rhea to shut up and asks how is she talking to Dida. Rhea says I am talking to Dida and not you. Pallavi slaps her. It turns out to be her imagination.

She thinks what to do, Prachi will tell everyone that I have not made the food. Siddharth calls her and asks if she can send the folder pic. She shouts and says she is busy in kitchen. He says sorry. Rhea asks him to ask Prachi and says she will give it to you. Siddharth says Prachi will send me as she is super fast in work, and thanks Rhea for saving his time. Rhea picks all the chole batura from the floor and wipes the floor. She then takes the fallen chole batura casserole out of the kitchen. Siddharth calls Prachi and asks her to send the file papers pic. Prachi says she is busy in kitchen. Sid requests her. Prachi says ok. Rhea comes there holding the casserole of the fallen chole and replaces it with Prachi’s chole. She finds some particles in the casserole lid and thinks what can happen with me, it can happen with Prachi too. She makes the chole falls down and goes away. Prachi takes the pics of the file and sends it to Sid. Sid tells that he can’t do work without her. She says she has to handle the big office. Prachi asks Soni, if she can help her. Soni says yes. They come to the kitchen and find the casserole and the chole down on the floor.

Pragya worries for Abhi. The bar guy asks Abhi to go. Abhi gets up to go. He gets Pragya’s call and she asks if he is drunk. Abhi says now I understood what you have done, and you hate me and never loved me. He says now I understood that you hate me. Pragya asks what are you saying? He drops his phone and then picks it. Pragya tells him that Tanu wants to sell him, but I don’t want to buy you. Abhi looks on.

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