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These Street Update Wednesday 26th January

Written by TALIBAN

On These Street Update Wednesday 26th January: These Street Update Wednesday 26 January, Scene 1
Krishi says I know there’s a mehndi function at the wedding. Bari ma told me. Shan says it’s for girls. Krishi says but I want to do it with both of you. Shan says yes girls and boys are equal. Promise you will never think of yourself any less than Nirvan. Nandani looks at them. Asmita says you should sleep now. Krishi holds their hands and says you both will stay with me. She says sleep with me. Shan and Asmita sleep with Shan and Asmita. Nandani says Krishi, tomorrow will be mine.

Krishi wakes up. She sees some pots near her. Krishi says where are mama papa? She looks for Shan and Asmita. She can’t find anyone. Shan is fainted in a shed. He wakes up. Asmita is there as well. Shan says how are we here? We were in Krishi’s room. Krishi tries to call Shan. His phone rings in the house. Krishi asks servants no one has seen them. Krishi says where are they? She looks for Nevi. Moni says dadi went to temple. She has gone there to pray. Krishi says but mama papa are nowhere. Moni says I haven’t seen their either. Krishi tries calling them. Nandani says this tension on your face makes me so happy. Shan and Asmita won’t be found.

Nandani mixed chloroform in the mehndi. Shan and Asmita fainted because of it. Nevi picked that mehndi and filled it for Asmita and Shan. Nandani says to Shekhawat congrats. The first stage of our plan is done. Shan and Asmita are gone.
Krishi is worried. Nandani says Krishi will fall in her own plan. She will expose herself that she was pretending to lose memory. Krishi is worried. She says where did mama papa go.

Krishi looks at Chahat and Nandani. Nandani pretends to scold Chahat. She says you did our signature in your diary? You lied to us. When kids lie, their parents suffer. Their parents are punished if kids lie. Chahat says sorry mama. Krishi feels guilty. Nandani says Chahat promise me you will never lie to us. Chahat says I won’t ever lie to you and papa. Nandani says if your lie is big, God locks your parents in the hell. Never lie. If you lie, always confess your lie and tell everyone truth. If you tell everyone truth our parents come back. Krishi says are my parents gone ecayse I lied? Krishi cries in the temple and says God I won’t lie. Please bring my parents back. Nandani says what happened Krishi? What lie did you tell that made your papa locked? Apologize to God and tell everyone truth about your lie. Hurry up. We don’t have time. krishi cries and says I only want my parents.

Asmita is fainted. Shan tries to wake her up. He kisses her. Asmita wakes up and says what were you doing? Shan says you weren’t getting up. I was trying to get you conscious. Asmita says you were taking advantage of me not conscious? You got me here. I will call police. Shan says I don’t know how we ended up here. Asmita says neither do I. Nandani did this. It’s her game.

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