These Street Update Sunday 30th January 2022

On These Street Update Sunday 30th January 2022: These Street Update Sunday 30 January 2022, Scene 1
Krishi says Shekhawat uncle would be my papa. I don’t want Shan papa. You made Nandini auntie wear mangalsutra. You didn’t do it to my mama. Shekhawat uncle would be my papa now. Shan says you are a kid you don’t know anything. Krishi says you shouted at my mom. I didn’t like it. How can you be my good papa is you shout at my mom? That makes you bad papa. I don’t want you. Asmita says let’s go Krishi. We have nothing here. The lawyer says I should leave now. Shan says okay, go ahead. I won’t stop you because you deserve this. Asmita says Mr. Shekhawt please call Nirvan let’s leave. The abhi mujh mein kahen plays. Asmita walks out with Krishi. Shan sits down and cries. Nevi says in heart oh oh God what will happen now?

Asmita recalls what Shan said. He married Nandini. He called her selfish. Krishi wipes her tears and says don’t cry mama. It isn’t your mistake. Please don’t cry. Nirvan says mama you don’t look when you cry. Please don’t cry. Asmita hugs them both. Shekhawat smiles. Shekhawat says Asmita.. I am glad you saw Shan’s reality. Let the bitterness drip from your eyes. From tomorrow there would be only happiness. I will give you a perfect family with Krishi. We will welcome you with all the love and respect. Krishi says I will be your best papa in the world.

Scene 2
Shan is alone in his room. He is upset. He looks at Krishi’s toys and recalls his moments with Krishi. Shan says why did you do this Asmita? He tears Asmita from Krishi’s photo. Nandini smirks. Chahat hugs Shan. She says you are my papa only. I won’t have to share you anymore. I love you a lot. You kicked that cheap girl out. Shan says I love you. Shan says in heart I miss you Krishi. I wish you were here.

Krishi says I called Shan papa bad papa. It must have hurt him. Asmita massages her head. Asmita says don’t cry. Forget all that. You deserve a father like Shekhawat. He will give you so much love you won’t miss anything. He is a nice man. Asmita hugs her.

Scene 3
Shekhawat and Nandini drink together. Nandani says cheers. No you know how well do I play? He says I am impressed. Asmita would be mine in 24 hours. Keep shan away from her. Nandani says Shan hates her. I am sending her out of country for a day. You can marry Asmita. He won’t even come to her dreams.

Asmita is asleep in her room. shan comes in. Asmita is dazed. Shan puts his hand on Asmita’s mouth and says I am sorry Asmita. My life is incomplete without you and Krishi. I am sorry. I couldn’t spend a few moments. Asmita says there’s no point of saying sorry after ending everything. Shan says I lose my mind in anger. Why don’t you handle me? Why did you leave me with wrong? You came there to fight for us. WHy did you give up on our love? He hugs her and says why did you give up? Asmita wakes up. She was dreaming all this. Asmita says why am I thinking about Shan.

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