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These Street Update Saturday 22nd January 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On These Street Update Saturday 22nd January 2022: These Street Update Saturday 22 January 2022, Scene 1
Asmita walks in with the injured foot. Shan holds her and dresses her wound. He says it will be good. Asmita says you still care when I am hurt? He says I don’t want to, but I care. I try to run away from you and hate you. But I keep coming back to you. I don’t know what is it between us that never breaks. Asmita says I know why is it this way. I really love you Shan. I know you love me too. Asmita is dreaming all this. Shan isn’t there. Asmita cries and says I can’t live without you. Why do I keep imagining you and dreaming about you? I can’t live. Krishi has right on you. I want us to live a happy life together. I want to wear your sindur. I will make you mine no matter what happens. Krishi comes to Asmita. Asmita says mama. What’s on your hand. Asmita says are you okay? She says yes. But show me your hand. She says mangalsutra. Can I wear it? Asmtia says only married women wear it. When we got married your papa made me wear it and sindur. Krishi says why don’t you wear it? Asmita says I used to wear it when I used to live with him. Only papa can make me wear it. Asmita says now you rest, I will get you fruits. Krishi says if papa makes you wear it, we won’t have to leave.

Chahat and Nirvan fight over the toy car. Chahat shoves him. Shekhawat says what happened Nirvan? He says Chahat shoved me. Shekhawt says are you crazy? She says Nirvan is crazy. Shekhawat is about to slap her. Nandani says don’t dare to hit my daughter. He says you are a loser yourself. Nandnai says you didn’t even dare to come there. Shekhawat says you can’t still see the power that a girl has. You only speak, you can’t do anything. I am giving you one last chance only. He leaves.

Scene 2
Krishi calls everyone in the hall. She says everyone teases me in the school and says my parents don’t live together. We can all live together, right? Like a happy family? Then please wear this mangalsuraa and sindur. Please papa, make mama wear it. Nandani says what the hell are you saying? Asmita says this can’t happen. Krishi says you have patched up. I want my parents to stay together. Please papa. Make mummy wear it. Krishi starts crying. Shan says please don’t cry. Shan says why is it important? Krishi says for my happiness, please do it papa. Shan recalls what the doctor said. Shan says please don’t cry. We will do what you wish. She says then make mama wear it. Shan takes mangalsutra and comes to Asmita. He picks Sindur.

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