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These Street Update Monday 31st January 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On These Street Update Monday 31st January 2022: These Street Update Monday 31 January 2022, Scene 1
Sometime later, Asmita is in thoughts. Krishi comes and asks if she can help her? Asmita hugs her and says I am sorry, I know this is difficult for you. Krishi says I won’t call Shan a good papa as he insulted you, I am fine. Asmita thinks that kids get affected by things. Krishi gets Asmita ready for the event.

Shan sits in the car and leaves. Nandini smirks and says now Asmita will be married and Shan will be a dad for Chahat only.

Asmita tells Krishi that Shan didn’t care for you so we will forget him. Krishi thinks it won’t be that easy.

Nandini is dancing in front of the Devi Maa. Mom prays to Maa that you have to stop this sin, Shan has to know that he is Krishi’s real father, bring this truth out, please.

Krishi cries and says this is not good.

Shan looks at Krishi’s photo and says why I am feeling weird? The car stops and Shan sees people alleging the foster mother. He stops the men there and says that you are raising hands on a girl? The man says she was stealing a packet of biscuits. Shan pays for it and asks everyone to leave. He says you came to our house? He gives her the money and says be careful. The foster mother thinks I lied to him and did a sin of hiding his daughter from him and he saved my life? I can’t do this. Shan is about to leave but the foster mother stops him and says it was good to see Krishi with you. Shan says Asmita took that kid away, I felt a connection with her and felt like she was my own but her mother made me look like a bad pap.

The foster mother says I lied to you and still you loved her. Shan says what lie? Krishi’s foster mother tells Shan that I want to tell you that Asmita gave birth to Krishi 6 years back, you brought her to the hospital when she was in the accident, they deliberately took Asmita’s and it was told to her that baby died and the baby didn’t die and it’s a girl. Krishi was with me for 6 years and she is your daughter only. Shan is shocked and says she is my daughter? They took my daughter away, why? The foster mother says I got the money for it, someone else kept your daughter away from you. She tells him everything. Shan is shocked and in pain. She says that a person’s name was… Nandini hits that foster mother with her car and runs away. She thinks that Shan can’t know the truth. The foster mother is injured, she tries to tell the name to Shan but she faints. Shan recalls Asmita’s wedding and says I am coming.

Krishi’s foster mother tells Shan that I want to tell you that the baby didn’t die and it’s a girl.

Shekhawat is in the mandap. Nandini calls him and says I am sure Shan knows the truth about Krishi, get married to Asmita as soon as you can. Shekhawat thinks that I have to marry Asmita at any cost.

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