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These Street Update Friday 28th January 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On These Street Update Friday 28th January 2022: These Street Update Friday 28 January 2022, Scene 1
Shan looks for a way out. He says Asmita get on my back and climb the window. Asmita steps on his back and hops out. She opens the door. Shan comes out. He holds Asmita’s hand. Some thugs stop them. Shan and Asmita hit the goons. Shan says Asmita you run. Asmita says no I can’t leave you alone.

Nandini says Krishi I think you don’t want to save your family. She drops the pot. Krishi holds it. Krishi says I won’t let anything happen to my parents. Nandani says then accept your lie. Krishi comes to the temple and says sorry God, I lied. Nandani records it. Krishi says I lied to Shan papa about memory loss. I was never ill. Mama knew about this lie and helped me. Because we want shan papa. Shan and Asmita come in. Shan hears all this. He is shocked. Krishi hugs Shan and says are you okay papa? I told God everything. Shan doesn’t hug her back. Shan says to Asmita was all that true? Did you know? Asmita says yes I knew.

Nandani says now you know the truth Shan. She lied to you. Asmita is using this little girl. She is making a kid lie. Asmita says Shan listen, Nandini says enough of your drama. You used your daughter to steal my husband. Shame on you. You’re a liar. Asmita says no one cares about what you are saying. Asmita says Shan listen. Shan goes upstairs Krishi says is papa mad at me? Asmita hugs her. She says everything would be fine. Papa can’t stay mad at you. Krishi says would you be friends now? Asmita hugs her.

Shan comes to his room. He breaks things in anger. Shan drinks. He recalls everything. Shan stands in the shower. Shan says why do you break my truth every time? Why do you do this Asmita. Asmita comes to his room and says Shan please open the door. Please listen to me once. I want to talk to you. I will explain to you everything.

Nandini says finally Shan knows everything. Krishi says you did this to make my parents fight. you fooled me. Nandini says you were doing the same. You thought no one would know? I am not mad anymore. Now get ready to leave this house. Asmita comes to SHan. He shoves her. Asmita says please don’t drink. Shan says to stay away from me. get out of here. Stop lying to me. Shan says you are such a liar. How could I forget what kind of liar you are. Asmita says why would I lie to you? Shan says to fool me. You can’t see me moving on in my life. You play such disgusting games. Asmita says please listen to me. Krishi did this drama. I wanted to stop her but she told me we need you. Shan says and you agreed? Stop doing this drama. You used a kid to get me back? You’re so selfish.

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