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These Street Thursday 27th January

Written by TALIBAN

On These Street Thursday 27th January: These Street Thursday 27 January, Scene 1
Asmita says what were you doing. He says you were not conscious. Asmita says you were taking advantage? Did you bring me here? Shan says I don’t know how are we here. Asmita says did Nandani do all this? I hope Krishi is safe. If she does anything to her I will kill her. She will harm our daughter. Shan says she isn’t our daughter. Keep your lie to yourself. Asmita says whose daughter is she then? I am tired of you and Nandani. Enough. Let’s decide it once and for all. Shan says I have to get out of here. Asmita says why can’t you see conspiracy? She took advantage of our wear relationship. She forced you to sleep with her. She tried killing my baby. Shan recalls what Nandani did. Asmita says she trapped you. Shan accepted her condition. Shan shoves her and says I told you everything. I begged you to stay. Asmita cries and says I am sorry. I should have understood you. But what would any woman do? Would a woman see her husband physical with another woman? Then nandani did my accident. She told me you left me in that condition. They asked me to sign those papers. What else could I do? Then Nandani told you i cared about my life more than the baby’s. How can any mother say that? Then she stole our baby. She tried killing our child. That nurse took Krishi. For 6 years, I kept thining our daughter has died. Then I met Krishi and found out my baby nveer died. We have all become Nandani’s puppet. I got it too late. Krishi is our daughter. That’s true.

Krishi is worried. Krishi prays for Shan and Asmita. Shekawat says this would ruin their relationship forever. Nandani says Krishi tell God what is true. Krishi says God pleas,e you know everything. Nevi comes and says what’s happening here? Krishi says my mama papa are locked because I lied. Nevi says that doesn’t happen. Nandani says if you want to save your parents tell everyone truth. This woman couldn’t even save Moni. Nevi says where is modi? nandani says go check. Nevi runs upstairs.

Asmita says would you stand by me this time? Would you accept Krishi? Nandani fooled us. we have to defeat her.
Nandani says Krishi tell God the truth. Say it. Krishi says in heart how can I break the promise I made to God. Nevi looks for Moni. She is worried. Nevi looks in the garden. Moni is in the terrace. She says bari ma I am here. Nevi hug her. Moni says what happened? Nevi says are you okay? She says there is a miracle. Nandani chachi gave me a surprise. She gave me chahat’s tent house and toys to play with. Nevi says you don’t need to take anything from her. Take off this watch. Moni says Nandani said, don’t take this off no matter what. Nevi wonders why did Nandani say that?

Nandani says Krishi we don’t have time. Say the truth. Nevi says Nanadani, what’s in Moni’s watch? Why did you ask her not to take it off. Nandani says that watch decides Moni’s breaths. I have the remote to shock in that watch. Would you take Moni’s side or Krishi’s? I know you are selfish. You don’t care about Krishi. Nevi says do what you want, please don’t harm Moni. No one is more important than her. Nevi leaves. Nandani says no one can stop you from saying the truth.

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