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These Street Saturday 29th January 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On These Street Saturday 29th January 2022: These Street Saturday 29 January 2022, Scene 1
Shan says you used a little kid to get me back. You’re so selfish. You don’t deserve to be called a mother. I felt so bad for her. You will never understand how I cared for Krishi. I don’t get how you are as a mother. I have so many questions, answer them. You call her my daughter? Now if you knew our daughter was alive, why did you leave this city? Because you were happy with your lover Shekhawat.

Nandini says to Krishi pack your bags. I won from you. Your papa will always remain mad at your mom. Krishi says papa will never do that. He will be okay with mama and we will all live together. Asmita says Shan please don’t do it. Shan brings Sindur. He says you did all this drama for this sindoor and mangalsutra right? I will do it today and decide finally. SHan goes to Nandini. He is about to fill her hairline. Everyone is shocked. Shan fills her hairline. He says this is my wife. My daughter Chahat’s mother. She might not be a good woman but she is an amazing mother. She doesn’t ask her daughter to lie and doesn’t use her. Asmita says no Shan. Shan says she tried to tell me the truth. Asmita says you are wrong. Shan says yes I had always been wrong. I can forgive Krishi because she is a child and you manipulated her. I won’t let her be like you. Krishi is my daughter legally and I won’t let her suffer like you. Krishi suffers. Nandini says they’re doing a drama again. Asmita says Krishi, please open your eyes.

Nevi and Moni pray for Krishi. Moni says will Krishi be okay? Nevi says yes. Nandini says Movi gives this watch to me. Nevi says no. Nandini says go play. Nandini says your Mondi is safe now. That Krish’s game is over. Now you know she isn’t Shan’s daughter. I will make everyone believe that. If you want Moni safe and alive, don’t help Krishi. I will send Moni to Sona gachi if you don’t help me. You know what happens to young girls there. Nevi says I won’t help Krishi but promise me you won’t do anything to Moni. Nandini says good.

Scene 2
Asmita brings Krishi to the room. Krishi opens eyes. Asmita says are you okay? Nevi says Asmita, the lawyer is here. Krishi says mama I want to say something.
SHan is sitting with the lawyer. He gives him all the papers. The lawyer says to Asmita, sign here for the process completion. Shan will get custody of your daughter legally. Asmta says I can’t give you my daughter. You don’t consider her your daughter. you don’t deserve her. She is in pain because of you. She fainted and you didn’t even come to her. Why? Krisi did so much for you. she even got shocks. SHe lied because she loves you. You don’t deserve my daughter. In the next 24 hours, I will give my daughter a good father and myself a husband. Krishi will get her father. I will marry Shekhawat in next 24 hours. He will be Krishi’s father. Asmita says ask your daughter what she wants. Krishi says my mama is right, Shekhawat uncle would be my father. I don’t want Shan papa.

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