The Red Room Teasers January 2022

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The Red Room Teasers January 2022

Monday January 3 2022
Episode 129.

Kumru talked about how he had Duru and Fahri involved to protect him. We saw him unable to believe it at first after everything he experienced because men came in his life. But Fahri is different, he is an honest and polite man and Kumru saw him thanks to Gümü.

Tuesday 4 January 2022
Episode 130.

It is clear that Kumru is healed. Kumru wants to be honest with Fahri and tells him everything but we learn that Fahri has known his past. He loved him like him and didn’t care about his past.

Wednesday 5 January 2022
Episode 131.

Nazli’s trip to find him ended. He has become a free woman who can stand on his own legs and does not need approval from people. He made peace with himself now. After his last session with the doctor he left the clinic to start new in his life.

There is only a new start for Piraye and Deniz. Piraye finally accepted Deniz’s proposal. Both of them were excited about this new start.

Thursday January 6 2022
Episode 132.

Sadi tells the doctor about his days with Shipboy. They were taken to Abdullah’s place to work for him. But both friends find ways to stay away from Abdullah’s dirty work. Also Shipboy is a wounded child like Sadi. He was kicked by his mother who worked at nightclubs.

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Friday 7 January 2022
Episode 133.

Piraye and Deniz are preparing to say goodbye to the clinic.

Gather Manolya has two new clients. Zafer Karya and his wife Nihal Karyalu. During their first session, they talked about their marriage and told things that were completely different. Nihal gave the impression that they were very happy while Zafer said that he was very unhappy.

Monday 10 January 2022
Episode 134.

Zafer began talking about himself and when he spoke we felt like we dived to 1001 Arabic nights stories. Unlike Nihal, his family is a rich and strong family that comes from the Ottoman Empire. He called his solitude in his marriage and also why he married nihal. We will see how things will go for this couple.

After Nazli, Recai wanted to meet a doctor. He was miserable after their separation. He wanted the doctor to heal him the same as he healed Nazli.

Tuesday January 11 2022
Episode 135.
Finale series!

Because Recai talked about his childhood, we felt sympathetic for him since he experienced difficult times and we understood that he made Nazli worthless because people made him like that when he was a child. But he looked determined to make a new start like Nazli.

Clinic personnel threw a farewell party for Deniz and Piraye before they left. They sent them to their new life while they could not stop their tears.

Jim’s drama Carrey Comedy jokes to replace the Red Room after ending.

The Red Room Teasers January 2022

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