The insolent heart update Thursday 27th January 2022

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On The insolent heart update Thursday 27th January 2022: The insolent heart update Thursday 27 January 2022, The Episode starts with Ishaan asking Abeer to take him to his house. Abeer says I can take you my son, but your mum will get tensed. Ishaan says he will tell mum that he will stay at his house till Akshat stays in her house. Meher comes and asks Ishaan to come with her. Abeer asks her to let him be with him. Meher argues and says she don’t want to create any problems. Abeer says I am his dad, and then says I want his betterment that’s why want to take him. Meher says talking to him is like banging on the door, and asks if he will threaten her…She asks him to do whatever he wants, but Ishaan will not go with him. She asks Ishaan to come. Ishaan refuses and says whenever Akshat scolds me, you never say anything. Abeer requests Meher to let Ishaan go with him and says he will spend some time with him, and says you are going far from me. Meher nods and agrees. Abeer smiles and asks Ishaan to come. Ishaan apologizes to Meher. Meher asks Ishaan not to trouble Abeer. Abeer takes Ishaan in his lap and asks Meher not to worry thinking Ishaan went with his dad.

Ishaan comes to Abeer’s house. Abeer says atlast you came my son. Ishaan says house is so big and asks where is his room. Abeer takes him to his room. Ishaan likes the room. He says I will also get my name written on my room. Abeer says ok, but you have to take your mum’s permission. Ishaan says he will take her permission. He sees Abeer’s photos and likes it. Abeer smiles. Ishaan asks do you do gym. Abeer says yes, and gives dumbbells in his hand. Ishaan asks about his wife and asks him to show photo? He asks didn’t you get marry yet. Abeer recalls marrying Meher and then their fights. He tells that he was divorced. Ishaan looks on and says he is very hungry. Abeer goes to bring food. Ishaan kisses on his cheeks. He looks for Ishaan’s wife photo. Abeer asks servant to bring Pizza and snacks to his rooms. Ishaan searches for the photo and gets album in the almara. He is shocked to see Meher and Abeer’s photos. He thinks it is proved that he loves me. He sees their photos surprisingly and recalls Meher words that Abeer is very bad man. Abeer comes back. Ishaan asks him if he is his Papa and asks to tell truth? Abeer says yes, and you are my son. Ishaan asks why don’t you meet me before? Didn’t you miss me? Abeer says your mum didn’t tell me about you.

Ishaan asks why Mum was angry at you? Abeer tells about his mistake, their fights and then divorce. Ishaan says mum might be angry with you and asks if he loves her even now. Abeer says I loves her even now, and says Meher is not forgiving him because of his mistakes. He says he want to tell the world that he is his son and wants to live life with Meher and him like a happy family. He says Meher is not forgiving him. Ishaan hugs Abeer and cries. Akshat tells Meher that Abeer is using you. Meher says this is happening because of your insecure behavior. She asks him why he is getting insecure. Akshat says Ishaan is getting far from him. Meher asks why you are over reacting. Akshat says my life is for you and Ishaan since 8 years and I can’t my life ending. Meher says I know and totally understand. Even I don’t want to return in my life, and that’s why didn’t tell him that he has a son. Akshat says lets go somewhere and marry. He says he will make Ishaan explain too. Meher says it is not that easy. Akshat says I love you and can’t lose you.

Ishaan asks Abeer to apologizes to Meher from his heart and says she will forgive you. Abeer says I told him sorry many times and will tell again, I don’t want to lose you both. Ishaan promises to unite Abeer and Meher, and says we will stay together. Akshat tries to get close to Meher. Meher pushes him and asks what is wrong with him. Akshat asks what is wrong in this and says we are going to marry, we can’t have a normal boy friend and girl friend relationship. He says Suman is right, and Abeer still stays in your heart that’s why you maintain distance with me. Ishaan tells Abeer that he will convince Meher and asks him to go. Akshat asks Meher to be honest to herself and him. He says you are selfish and thinks about yourself. When I come to kiss you, I can’t even kiss you. Meher pushes him again. Ishaan runs and falls from the stairs. Abeer gets tensed.

Rati comes to Kuber and asks him to sign on the papers. Kuber asks what is in the papers and asks if she is ordering him? Rati says she is ordering him and says it is Meher’s termination letter. Kuber asks if she has gone mad and refuses to sign. Rati asks him not to test her potential and says she can do anything to get work done. Kuber refuses. Rati blackmails him and says she didn’t come here to say no, and she knows how to convince him. Kuber says please, I am ready to give you whatever you ask for. He says my son’s family is uniting, I don’t want to snatch his love. Rati says do whatever I have said, remove Meher now. Kuber says you are a woman, you understand love well. My son got her love after many years, and I don’t want him to hate me. Rati says but I want that……Kuber asks what? He asks what did he do to you? Rati says Abeer and Meher have ruined her life. Kuber says it is a nonsense, they can’t do this. Rati says everything is finished because of them and they will be punished. Kuber looks on shocked.

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