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Once There Was A King Wednesday 6th March 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Wednesday 6th March 2022: Once There Was A King Wednesday 6 March 2022, Raja tells Rani she is his, he won’t let her go so easily. He pushes her away and leaves. Rani was left crying, regretting. She comes to look at her parent’s photo.
In the meeting, Bari Rani Maa smiles that she doesn’t think that girl will return after such insult. Rani arrives from behind, Raja asks him about starting the meeting. Bindu was uncomfortable and shares with Raja that she is feeling nausea, where he had taken her for dinner. Raja tells Rani to check that Lovey’s dress and carpet isn’t ruined. Rani tells Bindu to puke on her hands, she has been taking care of her dadu since when she was eight and know how to take care of ills. She heads to leave. Rani says may be she has also eaten something wrong and doesn’t feel well. The delegates take leave, Rani also bids him a bye. Raja turns to Bindu who finally pukes over his shoes.
Rani walks out of the palace crying. She takes a seat on a bench and cries hard can calls her mother loud.

There, Raaj Mata stood at home with her eyes shut. Rani comes from behind crying, Raaj Mata was worried. Rani informs Raaj Mata that her first love was left incomplete. Raaj Mata drops the thaal of pooja and comes to console Rani. Raaj Mata assure Rani about talking to Rana ji, he will scold Raja and he will never trouble her. Rani asks Raaj Mata if she even heard whatever she just said. Raaj mata calls Rani as crazy and walks to a window, saying this is Rana ji’s car. He has arrived.
The next morning, Raaj Mata keeps a lunch box in Rani’s bag, telling her to share it with Raja as well. She reminds her about the watch that Raja gifted. She ties it over Rani’s arm, saying time always change. She must change her time and her fate with her hard work. Rani hugs Raaj Mata and assures her that Raja will even remember her hard work.

In the palace, Bindu complains Raja for not sharing his plan with her. She cheers that Raja took the best revenge. Raja says it has just begun, he has to return all the troubles to her with interest. Bindu was sure Rani will never step the palace again. Rani opens the door of palace, Raja’s conditions echo in her mind. She wipes her tears and wish a good morning to Raja. She asks Raja why he is so shocked, if he thought she won’t come. Raja introduces Rani Gayatri as Project incharge, they will all report her. He tells Rani he has some work for her, recalling all the abuse he had to face in hostel in childhood. He informs the delegates that she sings really well, may be her households were singers sometime back. Rani closes her eyes, and sings ‘Itni Shakti humain dena Data’. She completes and asks Raja if he needs to hear something else as well. Raja claps for her, and throws money over her head. Jeewan comes to hold Raja’s hand then, and says this is enough now. Raja smiles and asks the delegates to excuse them for a while, then asks Jeewan if he is going to stop him, for the last time he is asking Jeewan to get away from in between them.

Jeewan holds Raja’s collar saying he has been able to do this all only because Jeewan left, he confesses it was his mistake to get away from the middle and Raja got a chance to become Rani’s boss. Raja murmurs he must remind Jeewan of his worth again, Jeewan tells him not to forget this hotel project was given as a begging by him, shouting doesn’t seem those who get beggings. He looks towards Rani saying she is his friend. Raja slaps Jeewan insisting he will do anything with Rani, he may stop him if he can. Jeewan stands up to attack Raja, but Rani holds him as Raja isnt wroth Jeewan’s fight. Raja was moved by Rani’s grip over Jeewan’s arm and drags Rani. Jeewan holds Rani’s hand asking where he is taking her. Raja replies where he will to, Rani is his employee. Jeewan says Rani is his friend. Raja says she signed a contract with him. Jeewan repeats she is his friend. Both drags Rani to their side. Rani shouts in pain and asks to leave her, Jeewan loosens his grip. Raja takes her inside.

Jeewan comes to study to tell Kaal he was mistaken giving this project to Raaj. Raja comes laughing and taunts Jeewan for being left behind, he is coming after Kaal has left. He is no more in the city, what would Jeewan do now. He asks if Jeewan thought he will become the shoulder for Rani to cry, it won’t happen as Rani’s laughter and tears are only for him. Rani belongs to him only. Jeewan wonders what this is, is he a child; he warns him that the day their father return this hotel project and Rani would belong to him. Raja thinks Rani isn’t ever aware where she has been caught, she will have to pay for all that made Raja suffer.

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