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Once There Was A King Wednesday 5th May 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Wednesday 5th May 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Wednesday 5 May 2022 Zee World updates, Raaj Mata bandages Raja’s forehead and asks who got this attack over him. Raja was clueless, he tells Raaj Mata that Rani fought for him but didn’t even inquire about his health. Rani was about to leave, Raaj Mata qualifies that Raja has protected them, he got his father punished and loves her. The string has only stretched, not broken yet. Raja comes to request Rani listen to him for once, they can make it all better. Rani locks herself into the room, Raja calls what else he must do and turns to leave. Raaj Mata stops him asking if his love would lose so easily, Raja angrily tells Raaj Mata he won’t go after her anymore. Raaj Mata poses to get a pain in chest. Raja and Rani hurry towards them, Raja goes to call the doctor while Raaj Mata sends Rani inside for water. As they both were in the same room, Raaj Mata gets a chance to lock them together saying this door would open only till they have spoken to each other. She was ready to stay outside for a lifetime.
In the palace, Bari Rani Maa scolds the goons as Kaal won’t spare them if he gets to know. Amrita overhears her telling the goons that Kaal wanted Raja to get afraid. Amrita thinks her son’s life is endangered.

Rani cleans the room, Raja says their relation is dispersing and she is cleaning the room. If she is angry she must scream and shout, and instead of bed she must hit him. She doesn’t respond. Raja says he always thought she has a courage to punish him but she turned out to be a coward. Rani slaps Raja. He thanks her saying for all these days he thought himself to be a meaningless thing, he has started breathing today. He asks her to get away of this bitterness through her tears because he is aware she loves him. She turns around and gets a pain in her abdomen. Raja recalls Rani being hit by the goons at the place.

Amrita thinks she must inform Raja that the goons were sent by Kaal.
In the room, Raja was concerned to see Rani’s injuries. Rani shouts at him to go away, she doesn’t want to see her face. Raja wipes his tears. Outside the room, Raaj Mata serves the food happy that they must have made up by now. Raja comes to break open the bolt, he complains Raaj Mata that his wife can’t bear his touch. He requests Raaj Mata to look after her, and tell her he would always be with her whenever she needs him. Raaj Mata comes to Rani angry that she has lost her love with her own hands, unlike her mother. Amrita comes calling Raja, and tells Raaj Mata about Kaal and the goons. She was afraid Kaal would again attack Raja.
Raja comes to palace, Bindu holds his arm. Raja asks her to leave him alone, Bindu says true friends never leave each other in difficult times. She holds his hand saying they can’t return the times, but can connect themselves with the memories. She requests him to come where they used to sit as friends. Bari Rani Maa watches this from upstairs, wondering what Bindu’s new game is.
Amrita was upset that Kaal isn’t ashamed, and Raja has been paying off as repentence. Rani was sure not to let anything happen to Raja. She heads to look for her love, as she can’t let Raja get away from her.

Bindu brings Raja inside the room. They recollect their childhood memories in a decorated room. Bindu asks him for a scrabble game, while mixing some tablets in Raja’s glass of drink. Raja denies, but she insists on him for a single drink and a single game. Raja finally holds the glass. After finishing the drink, Raja cries that he loves Rani dearly and hopes to be able to lessen her pains. Bindu composes herself walking towards Raja, he asks her to leave her for tonight. Raja jerks her hand away as he can stop living, but can’t leave Rani. He loses his control uttering he loves her dearly. Bindu helps Raja to the bed and hugs him. Raja wish Rani had hugged him this way, she could have heard his heartbeat. Bindu asks what he must have done if Rani was there in her place.
Raja straightens up to see Rani in place of Bindu. He hugs her again, promising not to let him get away of him. Bindu lay her head over his chest, while Raja murmurs an apology. Rani speaks to him that I love you, as I have forgiven you. Raja holds her close. Bari Rani Maa watches this from a telescope. Bindu unbuttons Raja’s dress.
There, Rani jumps inside the palace saying she won’t let anything happen to Raja.

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