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Once There Was A King Wednesday 4th July 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 4th July 2022: Once There Was A King 4 July 2022, The car twists and hits a tree, Iqbal was injured badly while Rani fell off the car. Raja speaks to sky that the second game is over, and no matter Raja loses but the game always win. He walkts towards across the street and passes the way where Rani’s car had been hit. Some men were there to help Iqbal and announces they are dead. Someone calls for a car, as the girl is still alive. They rushes towards the car trying to stop Raja, but he didn’t listen to them and drive away.

He arrives at a hospital, the boy with him says its first anniversary of hospital and BS is waiting. Raja walks into the hospital while Rani was carried to the stretcher behind him. Her blood fell over the corridor, Raja’s handkerchief fell down and get stained. Raja wonders why it seems as someone very dearer’s blood. The doctors were not ready to admit Rani, as it’s a police case. Raja couldn’t see her face and signs the form.

In the office, BS was with a boy who mocks shooting Raja. Raja also poses to be shot. BS hands the boy with a paper bird, the boy runs outside playing with it. BS explains to Raja that he is his son, Vikrant. He is 19 years old, but will always be a child. Only Raja’s life hasn’t betrayed, he also had two sons, one died in youth and the other would never be young. Raja hands BS the gun and diamonds, as he has got over what he owed to him. BS says it’s for everyone who work in the hospital, BS does the wrong with a will to help those who have no one to help.

Rani was being operated. BS tells Raja he never forwards his hand to anyone, he has his daughter who is more talented than his sons. She will look after his business. Her name is Laila.
Outside the hospital door, the man who brought Rani stops Raja and asks him to meet the girl he helped. A car stops by then, a girl in red dress comes out of it.

She orders Raja to get her bag inside, throwing it over him; when Raja doesn’t move she turns to him and repeats the orders. Raja says he isn’t her father’s servant. She asks who is he, Raja introduces himself as Raja. Laila says if he is standing on this land of her father; he isn’t an enemy and her father doesn’t own friends. He must bring the bag inside, else he would lose heart she will get his life. Raja asks if she is Laila, he is pity of BS as she is even unable to bear the burden over herself. Raja walks away. He was just watching the blood stained handkerchief again, when some goons attack the hospital and open fire inside.

Raja runs inside. Vikrant was hiding under the bench in search of his paper bird, the goon gets him but Laila comes to shoot the man. Raja walks inside. BS was shot while confronting the goons and saving Laila and Vikrant. Raja wrestles the goons and hurries to grab a gun. There, Rani was panting in the operation theatre. Raja walks towards BS, who gives Laila and Vikrant’s responsibility to Raja. Raja promises to take care of them, BS breathes his last with Raja’s hand in his. Raja shoots each of the goons there, saying today Rani’s Raja has died.

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