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Once There Was A King Thursday 2nd June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Thursday 2nd June 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Thursday 2 June 2022 Zee World updates, Rani shakes hand with Iqbal.
Thakur was travelling with Sakina who watched Rani’s photo. She tells Thakur to come inside, as he has earned himself disgrace of being unsuccessful. Thakur comes to apologize, Nusrat furiously breaks a glass and points the knife at Thakur’s neck for failing her. She says she worked so much to kill that Rani and even died in front of world. When Bhai ji comes to know Rani is still alive, Thakur won’t survive as well. She throws a knife at Rani’s face, saying her Nusrat Apa is coming to kill her now.
Rani comes to help Iqbal burn the stove. Nusrat comes with Sakina hurriedly, to kill Rani before Raja arrives. Rani tells Iqbal only women can light a stove and helps him with it. Nusrat and Sakina spot the hut, and come to knock at the door. Iqbal goes to check who it is, he cautiously opens the door. Rani nods at Iqbal who opens the door with a jerk. Raja attacks Iqbal, Rani hurries to hug Raja tightly. Nusrat says her fate isn’t with her today, Raja has reached Rani before they could. Rani assures Raja she is fine, then cries in pain of foot. Raja questions Iqbal but Rani tells Raja Iqbal saved her twice. Sakina suggests Nusrat to shoot the three of them here, but Nusrat says its Bhai Ji’s instructions to kill Rani anyway. They will attack Rani when the three leave.

Raja tells Rani that the masked man was Thakur Baldev Singh. He thanks Iqbal for saving Rani’s life, and keeps a hand over his shoulder. Iqbal nods approvingly. Raja says it’s about dawn, and rain has stopped too; they should leave. In the way, Iqbal notices bleeding in Rani’s foot, he tells Raja to stay with Rani and goes to arrange for some medicine. Raja boasts about making Iqbal run away. Rani says he is being mischievous even here, and gets intimate with her. Nusrat points the gun towards Rani, but Raja had hugged her tight. Nusrat takes an aim and was about to pull the trigger, Iqbal comes to slap her hard. He recalls having spot Nusrat and Sakina when he left for medicine; then clutches his fist and kneels in front of Nusrat. He asks whom she wanted to kill, Raja or Rani. He then questions what she thought? Nusrat says Rani must be killed, didn’t he say this Bhai ji? Iqbal says he has changed his decision. Nusrat says she did so much, became a call girl, and his lover and then her fake death; now what? Iqbal says friendship is more painful than enmity, and now Rani considers him as a friend. It’s never enjoyable to shoot in chest but to stab in the back, they will get their punishments like never before. The enemies have again written the story, both Raja and Rani would be dead. Nusrat observes Iqbal.

In the palace, Rani was worried how Thakur could fell so much. Raja watches Ambika and forbids her tell Ambika about anything. Ambika was concerned, Rani says it was raining heavily so they spent night in a hut.
Nusrat questions Iqbal why he has changed his decision to kill Rani, what magic has Rani done. Iqbal says it’s enjoyable to play with people like toys.
Rani assures Ambika she is save, and watches a new idol in the temple.
Iqbal tells Nusrat he wants to revenge Rani, not kill her. First he went to see her at oath taking, then Javed and Sakina made her hate him. Then he played his most important card, Nusrat. Thakur had instructed Nusrat to hand herself in a way that her weight was centered on her back and not neck. In the funeral, Thakur stopped the funeral and took Nusrat away. They all buried a fake dead body. Later he got her attacked in the forest, then cried fake tears in front of her. She became friends with him, and it laid the foundation of their destruction.

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