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Once There Was A King Wednesday 25th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 25th July 2022: Once There Was A King 25 July 2022, Nani asks Raja if he has taken the gun back from his men. Raja says he did this because that teenager boy took life of an on-duty police officer, Naina has nothing to do with his life. Nani leaves, while Raja’s head bang with thoughts of Laila. Naina calls from behind that Raja lost, she came into his talks. Raja doesn’t understand, Naina asks if he lied to her but she came to know already he made her dream of heroine come true. He always say he doesn’t care, but she is aware he cares; else he would never have done this all. She joins her hands to him, and thanks him as she could never make her dreams come true in spite of much struggle. Raja leaves the room.
Laila was setting cards in her room when Raja enters, he says no matter how much time he takes he would never love her. He doesn’t want to love, he is on a height and doesn’t want to fall, not even in love. Is she ready to marry a man who is not ready to love her at all? Laila was elated and hugs Raja, saying a yes abruptly. Raja tells her to get ready then.
In the hall, everyone wonders why Raja has called them all. Raja and Laila come downstairs hand in hand, Laila almost jumping out of happiness. She announces about her and Raja’s engagement. Naina was taken aback and stares towards Raja only. Laila comes to hug Naina thanking her to make it possible, Naina changed Raja’s heart in a few days. Tears fill Naina’s eyes. Raja puts a ring into Laila’s hand, she boasts about it showing it to Naina. Naina claps for them along with everyone. Rekha silently asks why Naina was upset, Naina lies that she only wanted this.

Raja announces about his decision to marry Laila tomorrow. Naina wonders why she feels bad about their marriage. Laila wonders how this wedding can take place tomorrow, Naina agrees Laila is going to get her dreams come true. Marriage is a dream of every girl, along with all the rituals, her loved ones and her dream man. Raja says relations are true, dreams never come true. He allows Laila to do whatever she wants to, but the wedding must take place tomorrow. Laila comes to Naina who comes out of a trance, Laila inquire why is Raja upset with Naina. Is there something Laila must know? Mummy asks what could possible take place between them, Laila knows Raja better, he can be angry at anyone anytime. Nani comes to calm Laila down. Vikrant and Rekha leave for wedding preparations and take Naina along.
Vikrant and Rekha announce a game in which two people had to pick chits and play together. Raja denies to play, as no one can run by their hand and feet tied. Vikrant and Rekha insists on him to play, Raja finally agrees. Vikrant distributes the chits, Mummy and Nani were partners, Rekha and Laila were partners too, and last pairing was Raja and Rani. Nani and Laila suggests about changing the pairs but Vikrant wasn’t ready. During the game, Vikrant makes Raja and Naina hold hands with each other to get tied. Naina was upset watching this. The whistle blows, everyone begin to run except Raja and Naina. Nani slips in the middle of the game, Laila’s attention was all over Naina and Raja who were slow and walked together. Rani slips in the midst, Raja fells over her. Nani shouts at them to stop this game, Vikrant says the game has already stopped and Laila has won. Laila thinks why she feels she has lost something.
During the wedding function, Rekha and Vikrant dance. Nani comes to ask about Laila. In the room, Naina was helping Laila get ready. Laila was excited in disbelief. A pin pricks Naina, Laila was concerned but she says her pains are so huge she didn’t feel about it. Nani takes Laila downstairs, Naina thinks about herself and Raja. There, Raja was drinking, thinking about Naina.

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